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  1. I was so hoping Syria Map would not fall for the stupid rough runways. Please dial down the unrealistic rough runways. Especially for fighters getting thrown around like that especially at speed is not realistic in sim and in real life. Please stop this madness.
  2. Please, please, please can ED please smooth out the uneven runways, especially in VR. When taking off runways often become so uneven, bouncing the aircraft around which is totally unrealistic - unless these runways are riddled with potholes - which would have then closed in real life. Or at least if anyone has a fix to dial down the unrealistic excessive bouncing please advise how to do so.... I beg you !! :cry::cry::cry:
  3. When I select for example A/G and SMS on the left MFCD and then click on say the LOAD option, I am unable to navigate back to the primary A?G SMS page. How do I navigate back from sub-menus to the primary SMS page please?
  4. Please can ED put some money aside to have the runways resurfaced? All jokes aside. ED can you provide a slider or a system setting where users can choose to have the runways surfaces smooth or rough. At present the new runway surface are way to rough and unrealistic except for, off course, if it's a dirt strip, and even then I've landed om some real smooth dirt strips in my day. But for most surfaces, cement, bitumen or like its like the runways are pothole covered and more annoying than fun.
  5. 1) Calibrate your room using WMR. Depending on the direction your headset is set to when you start-up the SteamVR plugin, that is what will set the "forward" or direction view for SteamVR - on my setup, this is usually never right in front of me or pointing exactly at my monitor. In cockpit set up a button to recenter your VR view (in DCS there is an option under "general controls". Pressing this should recenter the cockpit in the direction of whichever way you are looking with your headset on. If its slightly to far back, forward etc you can fine-tune that using Right ALT + numeric keypad key
  6. I get this when I have any MSAA enabled - turning it off clears it for me.
  7. I turn off Chimney Smoke completely. It kills framerates for me when its on.
  8. After the update I get a "KA-Blackshark not authorized to be used with this account". Please provide a valid serial number. After entering the serial number DCS starts but the Black Shark is disabled. I get this every time I start DCS now. This has been working for years now until the most recent update. Any ideas?
  9. I've not been able to record a video. However, I have managed to isolate what is causing the problem. Previously during startup I would turn on power, then select the "combat" button on the AAP (note here that HMD, RDR, SLNK, OESP, RWR, COM1, COM2, NAV, IFF, INS, WMMC1, WWMC2and SAIU is enabled). I would not touch the AAP options again. I would then enter the lat/long coordinates in FAST mode, then align. I would continue after alignment by loading the data cartridge. After data loading I would configure the aircraft for AA/AG based on weight and balance. This configuration would cause the nav
  10. Any update on this. It's getting to a point now on our MP servers that we are considering removing the YAK52 due to the fact that it is now severely impacting framerates for participants. With the rest of DCS and other modules becoming more complex and taxing systems the YAK with no LOD model is not helping any optimizations. Please update asap so we can take the best action in the interest of keeping the YAK else its days are numbered.
  11. Creating waypoints on F10 map or entering individual LAT/LONG coordinates on MP map (Caucasus) and then flying towards those waypoints does not steer you to the physical ground (or elevated) locations. Once airborne the HUD I believe should indicate the course direction to the waypoint and a "small square" mapped to the area where the waypoint is placed. As you progress towards the waypoint the "small square" starts to move away from the intended waypoint and upon reaching the waypoint it is nowhere near where it was mapped on the F10 map or the intended lat/ling location. It is completely imp
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