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  1. HB, when the Forrestal is released, will it replace the Stennis in the campaign? After getting used to the Super Carrier module, going back to the Stennis is like running into and ex that you'd rather forget. Other than that, loving the new campaign !
  2. As much as I absolutely love the A-6, the F-111 is an absolute beast. Please, please, F-111!
  3. Any updates on what is next for you guys?
  4. comes out from lurking at mention of F-111
  5. The lack of a better discount for the Hornet owners is very disappointing. A very detailed Stennis and Naval experience was supposed to be a key component of the Hornet. Now, we just get the discount extended? Again, very disappointing.
  6. Did the F-14D have a fly by wire flight computer also?
  7. Wags, will we be getting a general AI improvement or overhaul with the DC? For example enemy bogeys can sometimes display some very weird physics, or how friendly AI wingman can't currently manage their fuel. Thanks!
  8. 1080ti It typically stays around 90% while i'm in VR
  9. . I have an I5-660k @ 4.4 which runs great. But with VR it hits 100% usage pretty easily, and once I upgraded to the Index it's starting to chug. I might jump on this AMD train.
  10. No disrespect to Cobra, or his intentions, but with acquisitions, who knows. It really could go anyway, regardless of what type of buyout / contract was completed. However, far as i'm concerned, the F-14 is a pure masterpiece, and even if they end up doing commercial contracts from here on out, nothing will take away from their accomplishment in the F-14.
  11. In Wags video he was receiving data from F-15s via Link 4... Is the Link 4 in the F-14 a different version, and unable to send data to the F-18?
  12. Wow, this is where the real fun is going to be at ! I can't wait, great job HB!
  13. I used to be able to play in VR withy Vive just fine, but ghr motion zmoothing update is horrible. Tons of small graphical glitches, I'll have to keep tweaking my settings to see how to smooth things out on my own.
  14. CH Products Fighterstick + CH HOTAS + HTC Vive
  15. Any squadrons out there that have a lot of members in the PST timezone? Looking for a group to fly with. Primarily F-18. Thanks
  16. "such as the P&W TF30 for the F-14A and other engines for unannounced projects." Or you could, oh, I don't know, just maybe reuse all the work you've done on the TF30 and just pick another aircraft that uses that powerplant... Wait a minute friend, doesn't the F-111 also use that engine????? :)
  17. Thanks Wags for the statement, hopefully things will improve in the not to distant future. I really feel if the MP environment becomes healthier, DCS will only continue to grow, and that would be a very good thing for all of us here.
  18. +1 This is a very important issue that ED needs to at least acknowledge. It shouldn't get brushed aside anymore.
  19. I think you nailed on the head with this one. Look, I'm in the F-111 fanclub, but I think it is very safe to say it will be an A-6. If not an F-111, the A-6 would be my second choice and I'm very much looking forward to flying the intruder.
  20. They'll give the Hornet time to shine, but dont worry gents, when the Cat arrives the hypetrain will be fierce!
  21. I cannot believe I'm about to say this, as I would absolutely LOVE the F-14D, but I'm actually against it. It would require a massive amount of work, and I'd rather HB spend those man hours on a new airframe. Imagine if HB would do a Tornado for example... Wouldn't you rather have that when we already are getting the F-14A/B?
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