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  1. Hi Flappie! Managed to get hold of him this evening. I've attached the log files you asked for. I hope they're the right ones. The date on the most recent dcs.log-20xxxxx file seems to suggest that it was created before the errors cropped up, but I've double-checked and it is the most recent one he has. I've also told him to rename his "saved games/dcs" folder and asked him to try to reproduce the issue. I'll update once he gets back to me with the results of his testing. dcs.log dcs.log-20210109-111348.zip
  2. That sounds identical to what happened to us, Drac. Flappie, thanks for the response. It might take a day or 3 to get his logs for you, but I'll have a go. He's not terribly savvy when it comes to tracking down files like that, so when I see him again I'll try to walk him through it.
  3. Today I was doing some F-18 training with a friend. I was flying about 100ft off his wing each time. He'd set up for an AUTO drop, run in on the target, and the moment he pressed the pickle button his sim would freeze completely, requiring tabbing out and killing the process in task manager. From my point of view his plane would suddenly stop in mid-air, and hang there for a couple of minutes until he'd killed the process and disappeared from the server. I tried to reproduce the problem by making the same attack myself, but had no issues at all. This happened over and over again af
  4. Wow! Thanks for replying so soon! Having run the same mission as a group yesterday we did run into most of the issues again, which does lead me to believe that many of the problems are related to DCS itself. One of our pilots managed to kill the same lamp post 4 times with mavericks when they were definitely locked onto a vehicle 30m away from it and attacking from different directions. LOL Regarding the carrier TACAN, yes I'm sorry, I meant to say 71X. I was thinking of a different mission I flew just before posting here. LOL. I'll have to check if this is reproduceable, but it se
  5. Thanks. Is that where DCS saves the changes I make to all my profiles? Does that mean if I make a change without exporting the profiles myself, they'll be in there in the same state as when I closed DCS? That's brilliant!
  6. Another point to bear in mind regarding the laser is when you apply power to the TGP. I got into the habit of just turning everything on during startup, and then rearming. I found that if I flipped the laser power on before the TGP was loaded then the laser would not fire. Cycling the laser power off and on again fixed the issue. I mistakenly assumed that when the TGP was connected to the aircraft the laser power would be applied when the ground crew plugged it in, but it seems like there's a flag in the software that isn't set to on until its state changes..
  7. Hi Apache600! Thank you so much for these missions. They're exactly what my friends and I need for training up new pilots as well as refining the skills of our better ones! I do have a little question about the Persian Gulf Variable mission, which we ran during our last group flight this past Saturday. About 12 of us were flying on the server at the time, and every time any of us went anywhere near the carrier group everyone on the server got huge frame drops and lag which would last for several minutes. I tested this again the next day in single-player and got the same effect. Its
  8. One of the most annoying things I find I deal with in DCS is control mapping. Every time there is an update many of my HOTAS control bindings seem to reset to their default settings. I've found the option to save my bindings for each aircraft, but unless I'm doing things wrong it requires me to make separate saves for throttle, stick and pedals. So I have to save 3 profiles for each module, and then have to reload 3 profiles for each module when they get reset. Can we please have single SAVE and LOAD buttons in the control editor that will just backup ALL our bindings in one go and
  9. Thanks. It just struck me as a bit odd. The EW page indication suggests that the offset mode is still on, yet the button indicates off. The first subsequent press of the button turns off the EW indication, and the second press turns it on again and lights the button. It just looked like it might have been wrong, as I'd expect the button to stay in sync with the EW page and relight if the offset mode was still active. Knowing nothing about the technical details of the real aircraft, I shall of course defer to the information you have. :)
  10. Couldn't find this reported anywhere. If RWR OFFSET button is enabled, OFFSET light is on and OFFSET is displayed on EW page. If you run the BIT in this state, the test runs and the OFFSET light extinguishes, but when the BIT finishes the light stays off despite the EW page still annunciating OFFSET. Button must be pushed twice to turn OFFSET light back on.
  11. Art-J, I suspect he's referring to users/username/local/temp. Just Type "%TEMP%" into the search on your taskbar and it'll bring it up. Sadly, this didn't solve the problem for me. Still very slow to load and shut down, and its hit and miss as to whether the MP server list will populate. EDIT: Sorry, that was really late with the reply. LOL
  12. I use a TM Warthog so can't offer specific advice about your stick, but I always use the paddle switch to disengage AP before moving the stick. Look for Autopilot/NWS Disengage or something like that in the bindings.
  13. I think I may have an idea concerning the problem, but please forgive me if I'm getting the wrong impression. You say you're using the rocker switch above the MPCD to set the desired heading on your HSI, right? When you then look at the UFC, is HSEL on the *bottom* OSB with no other OSBs displaying anything? If so then I think you're actually in direct input mode where you're able to type in the desired heading on the UFC. (Not 100% sure if this is what it does, but I think I've seen it done this way.) Even if you've already selected the A/P pushbutton on the UFC, adjusting the desired head
  14. Literally just updated my my last post while you were posting. All working now. If some other software has issues with admin mode then I can happily switch between admin and normal mode. Just so happy to have this working in DCS now.
  15. Just leaving for work, but I will investigate this when I get home tonight. Thanks. UPDATE: You, Sir (or Madam), are a LEGEND!!!!!! Where do I send the cheque??? I've just come home, and gave this a try. Shut down the Streamdeck software and restarted it as admin. Then, instead of launching DCS from DCS Updater as I normally do, I went through explorer, and started DCS.exe as admin too. Guess what....it worked!!! I've set both programs to always run as admin now. Such a simple little thing to change, but its made a world of difference. Thank you so much! A big thanks to everyone else
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