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  1. Why are you deflecting? This was obviously a stab a people who would not pre-order things they had no idea the end result would look like. ED clearly made a complete attempt to discredit a release date that was merely a week off to create more ambiguity as to the actual release of the product. It was stated in the previous weekend news the release date would be announced the following week. And then in the follow weekend news, you make no mention about it at all, instead post the youtube trailer where it states deep in the description the pre-order would end in 24 hours, 24 hours before the
  2. Oh man. This is still going on? Maybe in December boys and girls :megalol:
  3. Holy what a way to go. R.I.P. poor guy. Least he died doing something he loved.
  4. I've come to the conclusion that nothing is ever being released. There's actually a better chance the world ends in nuclear war atm than ED dropping a module.:doh:
  5. RAZBAM(EDIT: might be LN? this is confusing. Someone said something or speculated something or something something interest in something) apparently wanted to do it but got denied the licensing for unknown reasons. Russian military have been rather secretive recently so that's probably the reason for it.
  6. Hey there Mirknir, not sure if someone has posted this already but something seems to be happening with spawns; the plane's hitboxes are colliding. Probably a DCS issue but can't be sure. First time this happened, I was taxi-ing out of the hanger and the hitbox for my plane came into contact with a currently spawning craft that was being generated inside of a hanger. Same thing just happened to me again, except this time I was the one spawning inside a hanger.
  7. There's no conspiracy theory here. If you're referring to the claims about how delays and silence affect market performance it's simply knowing how markets operate (heck just look at recent prominent game releases although every situation is different it is not hard to see how lessons learned from them apply). I forgot to multiquote here (and I'm ridiculously lazy) But, delays create frustration, and you don't wanna bite the hand that feeds (ie. the paying consumer that makes all that year's work worth it. not sure if they turn a profit or not but the less of a profit it turns the more eve
  8. Because people may be holding on to that money to give the module as a Christmas present, time constraints, some sort of expectation, reduced frustrations after day-to-day checking for news and seeing no Viggen, (off chance but still) maybe someone was holding off on vacation days and wanted to save them for the viggen release and go ham.... They will displease the community with delays? If they hold on to the product for an eternity after promising a release and never providing a timeframe or date it just seems like vaporware. Subliminally reduces the reality of the product at the same tim
  9. I wanna fly with my toes:joystick::mad::book::doh::music_whistling: :pilotfly:
  10. I never installed any mods whatsoever and I am having the same issues. It is not his mods. Specific issues that are outstanding are the disappearing mouse which also leads to no backslash radio menu which renders the game unplayable in clickable modules. The extent of my experience in 1.5.5 is the KA-50 as I sat down and convinced myself to finally learn the module shortly before. side note: I don't understand why some people are so quick to try and pin the bugs on the user; especially after a substantial update.
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