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  1. Loving the vibe of this campaign so far. I've purchased Red Flag for the Mirage, Charnwood, and now am enjoying the 2 sample missions with the intention to purchase the BNBB campaign. A couple questions 1 - I've flown the P-51 for some time, in VR, and have never heard this....when I load into Mission 5 and 6 (or 4 and 5, the samples available is my point) the second I'm in my P-51 cockpit I'm hearing what sounds like popcorn or poorly designed gunshots. Never heard this before in other P-51 campaigns or single missions....this must be some bug or? I mean it also sounds like a puttering
  2. Just wanted to say Thank you! It worked. FAR too tedious.....but at least I figured it out. This sim is great, but everything sure is complex and the barrier to entry is a mother trucker of a detriment to DCS' growth. Cheers!
  3. Thank you. Would you please clarify the following in bold? I get replacing everything in between those parenthesis "thingies" lol, but the part where I then paste the file....I don't get it. Thank you!- I would then find your backup file, replace just the information in between {} (the hardware ID) then paste the file over to the directory DCS uses. ----------If I'm replacing whats in between the {} then why do I need to copy and paste a file? or what file. Lost on that part. ***Oh i think you are calling what is in between the {} as the "file"
  4. Thank you! I wasn't going to use exactly what you posted lol....barely savvy enough to realize that that was an example. Ok, your reply gives me an approach. Thank you. Will attempt tomorrow. Appreciate it!
  5. Thank you for the replies. So, long story short, should I just copy and paste the different version of this thingy ------ Joystick - HOTAS Warthog {7706D510-24D2-11ea-8003-444553541234}.diff.lua ...on top of the "new different one" on my new computer? This is absurdly difficult and beyond stupid by the way. I mean, good god. 2020 and this is how this works lol?!?!? All good, I'm a happy dude and all. but justy sayin' So all in all what do I need to do because some of the replies here threw me off. Thank you fellas!
  6. Hello fellow pilots! Been enjoying DCS for a few years now. I'm a VR user with a flight seat, x52, and pretty fun setup. I recently bought a new rig with a 2080ti to boost the heck out of my VR and gave the old gaming rig 1080 Ti to wifey. Here's the issue. I went to C:\Users\myname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input ... as I googled I should. Copied everything to a jump drive. Then I paste the input in the new computers same area. Using Beta on both PCS. When I open the same file path on the new computer and go to inputs it even seems to have the joystick LUA or whatever tha
  7. I can't figure out how to navigate to the campaign folder. As I recall, the folks who created the campaign even mentioned in these forums that it is harder to find these than "normal." Please advise.
  8. Thanks Spike. If someone remembers HOW to edit the notepad++ file, please do share. Also, a long time ago I knew how to open other campaign missions separately....how do I do that with the Red Flag if I can't figure out how to do what you advised?
  9. Love this campaign but, due to actual life events that pull me out of mission and a trigger issue here and there, I need to be able to make good use of time and skip a mission once or twice. Please help me understand how to edit the file somehow so I can skip a mission. I've never done this, so any detail would be appreciated. Thank you in advance! Great campaign.
  10. Thanks. What I'm doing is correct then? If not, please tell me specifically what to use.
  11. Thank you. Already have this as disabled. I now recall having done this some time ago. Any other ideas?
  12. Hmmm. Thank you. I have no idea how to check on these concepts and see if that is my issue. I would have to imagine this is a normal issue with other rift users and would hope some others have experienced this and have a resolution?
  13. I'd also like to ask a question. The radios are different now since the updated (and quite excellent!) new cockpit changes and look. It used to be red and green. But now I just see the one....right? I'm flying one of the built in "instant action" Mirage Air to Air refueling missions where I head to Nav one to meet the tanker and can handle all that....but the mission briefing says I need to manually tune in to the tanker. I can't recall, but I think its 144 or something....the number doesn't matter, I have no idea how to hail the tanker via radio. Would someone kindly assist? and al
  14. I've only had some limited success with your advice here. Flown the campaign and 10 missions into the Red Flag Mirage as well, so I have experience. Wish using Magics wasn't so complicated lol. I haven't found a weapon select switch described in the way you said "IIRC called Weapons Select Switch. It switches between Magics in AA mode / Guns in AA mode / PCA selection, Else PCA Select." I found "Magic Select, else PCA select" and was able to map one of my switches to that. I created a mission flying behind a simple jet flying straight and it's wonky using the magics. When I press t
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