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  1. Adjusting the gain does not rectify the broken TGP imaging problem, it only alters the overall image on the MFD. Identifying a major problem and asking ED to fix what they broke is not whining. And it has nothing to do with time of day, the TGP and MAV imaging are currently inaccurate under all conditions.
  2. This is a known issue that I brought up a while ago. ED's only response is that they're supposedly working on a new FLIR system, but as was pointed out, we don't need a new FLIR, we just need them to fix what they broke with the current system. There have been no fixes in the most recent updates and the TGP and MAV are still essentially useless under most conditions.
  3. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, when you can't reliably use the primary targeting systems to identify objects it makes them mostly useless. There are several examples in this thread of targets being nearly invisible under various conditions. This is not how it's supposed to work, it's not how it previously worked, and it's certainly not even close to how it works IRL.
  4. Concur. Mav and TGP still mostly useless.
  5. Ok, I'll try again. Agree to disagree on using the steerpoint though. If there's something I need to look at that's not a steerpoint, making a new steerpoint is much more time consuming than simply boresighting the TGP and slewing as needed.
  6. I'm confused, neither Area Track nor Point Track require the stick to be centered and what do they have to do with ground stabilized and slewable snowplow mode? In Wags' video he enters snowplow mode and then hits TMS Up to ground stabilize and slew the TGP LOS. That doesn't work for me so my question was how to do that.
  7. Thanks, but I was asking about the snowplow mode not the axes.
  8. Have autogain and manual gain been implemented? Neither setting does anything for me. First pic is autogain, second pic is manual at 0, third pic is manual at 8. No difference between any of them. Also, why is there a small but noticeable grid pattern in the F-16 TGP view (zoom in on the white part of the fuel tank), but it's clear in the A-10 (last pic)?
  9. How do I get a ground stabilized slewable view in snowplow mode like it shows Wags doing in his video? He said it's TMS up, but that doesn't work for me and does nothing.
  10. Thanks. Of course the tabletop without twist is the one I need.
  11. Correct, the A-10 image isn't very realistic (and is even worse after the last update), but the F-16 is worse. Neither of them are even near correct in relation to how they actually appear in the real aircraft.
  12. It's interesting that the F-16 TGP image quality is significantly worse than the A-10 in DCS.
  13. Thanks for the TMS down CZ command. We'll have to agree to disagree on the boresight option. There are tons of times when I need to just get things recaged after maneuvering violently, or after target priorities have changed on the fly, or if a new threat pops up nearby, or when the TGP has hit the gimbal limit, or when it has decided to slew off for no reason, etc. and I want to quickly get eyes on. Very easy in the Hog, not so much in the Viper.
  14. I appreciate everyone's input and ED's efforts. As a new guy to this module I was just expressing my frustration that I never know whether something is an actual bug, or if it's a feature that is supposed to work eventually, or if the manual is inaccurate in it's explanations, or if IRL the TGP really is so difficult to use and there really is no simple way to look at something right in front of me or the other things I mentioned.
  15. So symbols may or may not be correct, functions may or may not work, the manual is inaccurate, and they don't release change notices. They sure do make it difficult to learn this system properly.
  16. I don't find it antiquated to be able to efficiently swing the TGP with one button press to a target right in front of me that's not a steerpoint, or to quickly get eyes on a location called out by a wingman or controller that I need to check for hostiles, or any other situation where the TGP would be useful, but I can't because the TGP is looking somewhere irrelevant at the moment and requires several steps just to get it pointed where I need it right now. I'm just learning so I could be wrong, but in the F-16 you can't easily make markpoints and slew the TGP to them, you can't quickly slew the TGP to a desired steerpoint, your steerpoints are offsetting all around even when you can slew the thing so you have to go back heads down in the cockpit to zeroize everything again, even if you have autohandoff for the Mavs it may or may not actually do so and you can't simply slew the Mav seeker to the TGP with one HOTAS press, etc. Without boresight, or a quick way to get the TGP looking at what's near you instead of some steerpoint, you're wasting a lot of time going into different modes, or making a new steerpoint, etc. I've flown several practice A/G missions and I just give up because I can literally see ground targets in front of me, but who knows what the TGP is doing and I can't just look at the targets that are sitting right there. I'm not knocking the Viper, just having frustrations with it coming from the A-10 where everything I described can be done in half a second with one or two button presses.
  17. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm having great difficulty understanding the F-16 TGP functions. In the A-10, you can slew the TGP no matter what mode you're in, you can boresight it back to center when needed, you can TMS forward long to easily set the SPI, you can quickly slave the TGP to a steerpoint or markpoint, etc. Very useful and very easy. In the F-16, as far as I can tell, the TGP is always looking at a steerpoint whether you want it to be or not, you can only slew when in CCRP, you can't boresight if you want to look at the area you're in rather than the steerpoint, there is Snowplow but it's basically useless because you can't slew, etc.
  18. Thanks, I think you're right. So apparently any stick movement at all in the F-16 cancels the autopilot. I'm coming from the A-10 which allows a lot of stick movement before it cancels the autopilot.
  19. Odd, I don't see a missing fin.
  20. Good suggestion, but no, it's not the stick. Axes are mapped and adjusted correctly, and no uncommanded input on the overlay. Autopilot works fine in the A-10. Yes, it drifts nose up, nose down, left bank, and right bank. Prior to the latest update it would hold position (within reason of course) and all of the autopilot functions worked properly.
  21. I am engaging it correctly because the NWS works, just not the indicator light.
  22. It's a sudden pitch, and not often, just sometimes. Almost seems like it's related to the autopilot, but the autopilot doesn't work. In the attached track you can see that the altitude hold sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, and none of the other modes work. You can also see that autotrim doesn't work, at least not how I understand it. I thought that it attempts to trim in pitch to 1g, but my airplane continually climbs or dives. autopilot.trk
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