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  1. On page 408 of the current guide, Flight 2 is identified as Grp ID 02/Own ID 01 and Grp ID 02/Own ID 02 in the depiction on the left, but in the depiction on the right they are labeled as Grp ID 03/Own ID 04 and Grp ID 01/Own ID 04.
  2. Do these missions work for everyone else?
  3. Horizontal CCIP line for me too.
  4. Have tried the Stranded Sub mission in the Persion Gulf menu several times and nothing ever happens. No enemy ships, AWACS doesn't call out any targets, nothing. Also tried Bird on a Wire a few times and nothing happens there either. I fire on the helo after it spins up, but no amount of damage ever destroys it and then it just sits there. Any ideas?
  5. As was said above, your course is set to 000 so that's the course the CDI is tracking. You have to set your course to the published ILS course, in this case, 209 inbound for RWY 21L.
  6. Got it, thanks. Interestingly, when I changed the DCS keys to 4, 5, and 6 for the radios to make them different than SRS as you explained, somehow it changed the SRS keys from what I had (1, 2, and 3) to 3, 4, and 5 for the radios, yet 1, 2, and 3 are the SRS keys that work in game and the comms menu doesn't appear. It works though, so I'm not going to mess with it.
  7. Unfortunately none of the suggested settings worked for me. No matter what combination of settings I try the comms menu still shows up.
  8. Thanks guys. I set the SRS keys to the same keys as in DCS (I have to use keys because I don't have a mic switch on my throttle), I have "Radio Switch works as PTT" to On, and "Allow INCOCKPIT DCS Controlled PTT" to Off. Correct?
  9. SRS doesn't use assigned keys, you use your mic switch in DCS and SRS uses it for comms so there's nothing to unassign.
  10. When using SRS for comms during multiplayer missions, the default comms menu always appears in the upper right screen whenever I use any of the mic switches even though I haven't pressed the \ key. This means I have to exit out of the comms menu before using any of the F keys which is cumbersome, and if I forget and hit an F key before exiting, it changes my radio frequencies. Is there any way to activate the mic switches without pulling up the comms menu?
  11. Mission 3 requires you to overfly a stadium at 1200 TOT, however the mission starts around 0720 and it doesn't require 4.5 hours to fly to the stadium. The briefing says mission start is 1112. Is this a bug?
  12. I asked a question and provided factual statements. That is not ranting. If you can't handle questions and facts, yes, please ignore me.
  13. I have volunteered, several times. All I said was there are errors in the manual which could easily be fixed and ED has not done so. That is a factual statement. Why is there so much animosity towards me when all I've done is point out an ongoing area which needs improvement and which would help the user? It's irrelevent whether I've written technical manuals (I have), it's irreleveant how long the manual is (you don't have to rewrite the entire manual, just make corrections and add updates), it's irrelevant whether someone's opinion is that it is difficul
  14. I'd have to respectfully disagree; it's not that difficult to run a spell check, have a few proofreaders look over things, correct errors when they're found, and when you release new versions or new capabilites you simply make the changes. It's just a pdf file, very easy to keep updated. Like my question regarding image capture, someone put that on the HOTAS list knowing that it wasn't discussed anywhere in the manual and knowing that they didn't include any explanation. It would have taken them 5 seconds to type, "Not currently functional" and hit save. There are lo
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