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  1. I get this problem with 3 monitor, and when i test it i had the last DCS version .. i check it again after 2.7
  2. I'm approaching this issue ... before to start i have two questions: 1 - how you sync/zeroed the gauges? 2 - Why in some solution are you using a direct connection of the step motor to the gauges hands? is it for to speedup or down the hands or for to increase/decrease the step space?
  3. what does it mean that in DCS only one monitor is supported? I don't know who you are but are you answer behalf Eagle Dynamics support? because in this case it is worring
  4. I already setup a multimonitor configuration without problems there is no difference to setup 3 Full HD and 3 4K except the monitor width & height BUT I used also DCS multimonitor configurations and as i report with the same width 1camera.lua doesn't work (as in the attached image) and 3cameras.lua it works fine With the same width in option file. The different is that the first is using only one viewport and the second is using 3 different viewport so what i guess is that there is a problem or a limit in the viewport width max limit!
  5. no answer ... may be is the wrong topic
  6. viewing 4K in Full HD really sucks seeing big pixels especially on the 50"
  7. with 1080ti is not a problem of the card (in term of resolution ... in term of performance ai would like to test it as soon as i can have it working...) OK New test if i use the "1 screen" monitor setup (1camera.lua) i have the problem as in the attached file, if i use "3 screen" (3cameras.lua) it is working fine (but with a strange FOV if left mnitor and right monitor are not on the left and on the right of the seat) this it let me thought about a ViewPort limit... into the attached file there is a screenshot of the DCS menu (that it is 11520x2160 corectly displayed) and the 3D (sam
  8. only the longitude is changed not the cursor position
  9. I wrote behalf my friends that is not accustomed with English... he bought 3 4K monitors but if he try to set it up in full 4K resolution in DCS is displayed in 1 and half monitor i mean it have the images shifted on the left and a black band on the right each screen is 3840x2160 this it means that i have to setup 11520x2160
  10. With more than one monitor, in NTTR, if you unzoomed the map the coordinate (longitude) under the cursor starting to move to the east, it change from W116 to W107 that it means from the west of NTTR to the East. This it seems not happen with only one monitor.
  11. NEW TEST it seems to be something on the server side, with other server it works fine ... Suggestion are welcome
  12. OB, F16, NTTR, but only in MP in instant flight it works fine YES YES this is the sequence Enter into the serve, asked for groung power by vocie command and the command is recognized from DCS, when i asked fro ground power off is reconignez from VAICOM but not from DCS, if i said it again, nothing if i press DCS menu command then without nay other key i get 2 or more ground power off from DCS, sometimes i have to press more then one time to open the com menù and usually after this any other voice command is not recognized
  13. same problem, the sentence is recognized from VAICOM but not from DCS. The firsts two or three sentence are recognize by DCS (eg. Ground power on) then nothing... and i CANNOT anuy more open DCS COMs menù (of course in vaicom Disable menù is OFF) with \ key or VHF UHF keys but if i try before a voice command or without to load vaicom they are working fine sometimes it look like if it is very very slow or like if the message is recived in DCS only if DCS com menù key is pressed '\' it seems to be a problem only in MP i checked it in NTTR theatre, with F16 and SRS active
  14. another strange thing ... DCS is responding on TX1 as a UHF and TX2 as VHF (F16) In the voice attack profile TX1 is commented as VHF and TX2 as UHF
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