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  1. It would probably be helpful if you mention which version of liberation you are using.
  2. Make sure that ALL hostile ground units guarding the corresponding base are dead. Only then your forces will automatically capture the base within the turn. If you have CA you can also additionally command a unit directly to the center of the base in order to make sure your units will capture it.
  3. It is also possible that the right parking spot size does not exist on the corresponding airfield. I had the problem once with Fujairah. This airfield has only parking spots labeled as "small" and by that planes like the A10 are not able to start from this airfield. You might want to set the starttype to "Runway" and see if it solves the problem
  4. I had a similar problem once. I guess it is related to the hangar size. If the F-14 are set to starttype "warm" they start with extended wings. Their extended wingspan is larger than the hangar width. Unfortunately you can't change the start type of AI aircraft. You could change the starting position manually in the ME prior to starting the mission. If you want to create client controlled F-14 you can set the starttype to "Runway" or "cold" as a workaround.
  5. Soon a year since the last HB statement for this topic... Has a realignment or fix option for Jester been discussed? Is it something worth waiting for?
  6. AI usually does a horrible job using fuel economically. I guess your wingman was an F-18? In the F-18 you have to set your Bingo Fuel margin manually, otherwise it will stay set to 0. It seems that the AI is not setting a Bingo Fuel and thus they fly until their fuel level reaches 0, call out bingo and then have to punch out immediately. The biggest problem is that they are trying to catch up with you in full Afterburner, so helping them by flying slow until they are in formation usually helps a bit. Had the same experience with F-18 wingmen several times in a variety of different missions.
  7. Hey guys, the mission is unavailable right now. Is there a possibility, that it gets reuploaded by the OP or by anyone else? Thanks in advance
  8. Try deleting old save files in your saved games\dcs(.openbeta) directory. As far as I remember, the path to the DCS saved games was hard-coded in older versions... RC4 seems quite old. I would recommend the current RC9. It has a lot improvements compared to older releases, for example defining custom "saved games\dcs" locations.
  9. Make sure that the tracking window is focused in the first place. Then Alt+F4 close the window. Just make sure not to click on "accept results"
  10. Sure. Interesting marketing stuff... Like the missile ranges you can get from Wikipedia. I can just recommend you to look up "ILA 2018 F-35 Radar"... In short: No high intensity battlefield and nothing fancy... A German passive radar was able to track the leaving F-35. For every system sooner or later a counter system will be developed.
  11. Very much appreciated. I have some commits ready for your Dev build (some minor stuff that created errors when you want to proceed to the next turn). I have played the mission from the current Dev build with some friends and it seems that in the night missions you will be started in the air even if you select "Runway" in the settings. Otherwise they run fine. A few suggestions though: - The amount of airplanes you have to fight of in the first rounds is huge. It may be possible to reduce the ai start resources? - I know you do not like the idea of ground starting ai airplanes, but a
  12. I would go the other way and only edit the unit type in the ME. You have to be careful with the static units on the deck though. You have to first unlink them from the old carrier, then switch the carrier unit type and link all the statics to the new carrier. It is quite easy to do all within 5-10 minutes. I have done this for the DCE type missions (also Moose based and way more complex than this mission) and it worked pretty well. Usually all scripts are tied to unit or group names and less to specific unit types. As long as you don't touch names, you should be fine.
  13. Dear Kate, I have a suggestion regarding the Mission preparation and set up cards: Would it be an option to store those settings in an xml file (or any other format that is easy to read/edit) for example under the user files? They could be easily read inside the plane by pressing a "load" button. I think that is the way the future Kiowa module will handle the files. This would have huge benefits: * You would create a compatibility for external mission planning tools like "combat flight" * You could edit the mission card while still being in a mission and switch tasks without having t
  14. It was the first Airbase you get in the Emirates campaign. I think Farujah Intl.
  15. That is ceverd by the tutorial. Had the same problem the first time. You have to set your own flights start time to T +0 in order to start directly. Btw: I have tried the Persian gulf (emirates) campaign and noticed, that the option "start from Runway" creates an airstart instead. Can anyone confirm this?
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