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  1. The 414th Joint Fighter Group is open for applications! Due to current world circumstances, we are now looking for more pilots to join us on our monthly operations and on our weekly sorties! All interested are encouraged to apply within the discord link at the bottom of this post! We are a casual virtual air wing based around DCS World that provides training for newer or inexperienced pilots as well as a place to call home for those looking to be part of a multiplayer squadron. The 414th is primarily oriented towards PvE combat, with an occasional mix of joint operat
  2. Strangereal World War "Does the color of the sky mean anything to you?" Strangereal World War is a PvP-oriented DCS community, bringing the world and lore from the Ace Combat series that everyone knows and loves into DCS World. Currently the server is home to 100+ people in total, distributed among 7 player factions and 11 squadrons that fight in the deep dark blue skies. Each day we are expanding our playerbase, feel free to join the fun! We accept all pilots of all backgrounds and skill levels, whether hardcore or casual, as well as differing regions. Our comm
  3. USA, West Coast. For me booting it without the web gui works, I just needed to adjust the serversettings.lua to make sure it was reading the correct miz file. Not as nice as having the gui to pause,ban,restart within a couple clicks though.
  4. +1 Same error here as well. Wonder what might be causing this or what it might be?
  5. DFA

    Moltar's Mod Pack

    Heads up, the DL link is broken on the page!
  6. 414th Joint Fighter Group [414th][Casual][Noob-friendly][All platforms][All regions] Recently established, we're looking for pilots to fly with us! The 414th is a noob-friendly squadron for those that are looking to fly with others online with no-extra frills or fine print attached or mandatory attendance required. Most of our pilots are in the US, with a few in EU. Activity mostly occurs around 2:00 PM through 8:00 PM PST on the weekdays and 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM PST on the weekends where we fly on GAW, 107th, and DDCS servers. We welcome pilots of all skil
  7. Don't mean to bump a thread from last year...but could you please fix the link? I really like the SU25T and your sound pack gives it more character! :)
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