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  1. When i'm in cockpit, Map only setting, i can't read data about an airport. I understand the choice to hide Warehouse data in MP. But it should be like a filter for that tab only. Now in maps without charts, like Persian Gulf or Syria, if you want to check ATC frequencies, ILS frequencies, while flying, you just can't.
  2. With the last patch i found a new bug. If you put radar azimuth scan narrow (+/- 20°) after creating a track file on a radar contact and bugging him, if you return to scan, while climbing or descending with an high pitch angle, the scan try itself to move to the center in a weird and uncontrollable way. Then after a while (probably when the trackfile fades) all returns to normal, and you can control azimuth under all pitch conditions like before. It's problematic when you re-engage after defending, because it's the classic search you perform in an interrupted f-pole tactic. This b
  3. Exactly, "aspect" in closure speed mean, it's the vector you are moving and not where your nose is pointing, and as you said it's considered, so if you are drifting, your aspect is not what you think it is. So as i said, posting random server tacviews without paying attention to the environment variables it's a mistake. Even if not so relevant, "the number of chaff in the FoV" is another factor influenced by weather conditions, btw, expecially at close ranges. Something moving with your plane is in the fov more than something flying away your plane.
  4. Do not SAY things you don't know, it's possible that someone here in the forums is going to actually trust your free words. Here a video i Just did 10 mins ago to demonstrate what i say. Just make your own tests if you don't believe it, and look at tacviews.
  5. who are you to say what is correct and what is not? Nobody has such data to say what is possible to happen and what it's not. In the real world you have a lot of factors to take in account in the simulation: like packet loss in the missle-plane transmissions, degradation of signal by weather, various malfunctions, ground moving objects in the clutter that emerge from the doppler filter appearing as chaff, time of the dispersion of every chaff can't be equal, it depends by wind, speed of the aircraft at release. In DCS chaffs should move in the wind, that's mean that all your tacviews
  6. Let us know if you need further tracks to report this bug, thanks :)
  7. I confirm, there is a problem on the right side of the scan pattern. The radar head get stuck there.
  8. As stated in the title. Seems something changed in Link16 compatibility between F-16 and F-18. I red some posts on f18's bug section about some issues they have between them. Nobody posted anything here about what happened on F-16C Link16 in relation of their issue. Seems we see F-18s for just one second on HSD when they spool up the plane, then NOTHING. Other clients F-18s are invisible and we do not receive anymore informations from them. Hoping it helps, Thanks.
  9. You are right, so the problem is that i'm used to doubleclick the central button of mouse, to make appear/disappear the cursor. In fact with FC3 planes i don't have the issue. Before was possible to unassign "mouse 3" from "camera transpose mode", and now even if you disassign it everywhere, clicking mouse 3 activate that behaviour instead of zoom. So the Fix would be Eagle Dynamics to remove that mouse 3 hidden assignation, like it was before this patch.
  10. I'm providing another little track showing the bug happening 4 times! I'm just moving left and right the scanning area. Sorry for the size of the first track, even if short it came up from the Free Flight of instant action mission, i realized now that mission is a little dense. f-16_scan_pattern_stuck2.trk
  11. Noticed that in the last OB "Camera transpose mode" is by default in the opposite function by before: BEFORE 23rd sept. patch: You enter the cockpit, scrolling mouse affect zoom. AFTER 23rd sept. patch: You enter the cockpit and scrolling mouse affect pilot head Z-Position. For me and for all the users that are used to zoom with the scroll (like Saitek throttle scrolls), it's a very annoying change. Just to say, i used to de-assign camera transpose mode to do not press it accidentally when making cursor appear. Expecially because i use trackir to move my Z-position!
  12. I'm encountering this bug even in the previous OB release, so it's here since the middle of august. In this track i'm trying to reproduce doing fast, little random antenna azimuth movements, with the smallest azimuth it's more frequent, probably there's something odd when the scanned area is moved in certain moments of the bar pattern. As you can see, when it got stuck the azimuth is completely blocked, the bars instead continue to loop between two, despite every bar setting. I ensure you, i accidentally have the scan blocked 3-4 times during an A/A CAP mission. It's very annoying.
  13. What you miss here is a simple reality: The code of DCS is an old mess, to improve something, you have to break something. You and more complaining guys have just to understand this simple thing.
  14. What you asking for is exactly what the Open Beta is. And, it's called Open Beta for a reason. People are used to play everyday on OpenBeta asking for quality but they confuse what they are actually doing: TESTING, and help ED to find bugs. I don't think ED should do different like this, they have a large community playing OpenBeta and they help them to find issues through their forums. Who is bored of this job can just install Stable and play. Who plays OpenBeta should be warned and should behave constructively. :smilewink:
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