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  1. This is not even a valid argument. The F-16CM being modelled here is specifically block 50 from 2007. It doesn't matter what happens to it in 2022, cause that's not the version being modelled and doing so would involve way more than just adding a loadout. I'd personally prefer a Block 52+ export variant, I'd also prefer to have multiple variants of each aircraft to cover more scenarios, like with Heatblur's F-14A. I'd like to have TFR. Ideally I'd like an F-16A, cause we have more redfor assets for ballanced late cold war/early gen 4 scenarios. Also french fries and sauce... cause all of tha
  2. Honestly I don't agree, the way DCS is set up it's better for simulating all out WW3 than peacetime air policing operations, until recently we didn't even have any ability to have neutral units in game and all Red Flag scenarios in game involve actual "blood and ichor", since training systems are usually not modelled (and AI is incapable of using them, there's no way to have it do mock fights). So whether or not 6 mavs are allowed should be entirely up to whether or not the wiring and software capability is still there. It's not there for 4 HARMs, 6 mavs could still be there, don't know. Nee
  3. You have clearly no idea what you're talking about then, or what the purpose of HARMs is vs JDAMs. HARMs home in on radiation sources, JDAMs fly to designated coordinates. The former is used for SEAD, the other for DEAD if used against SAMs at all. JDAMs are useless against anything mobile, etc. Having twice the amount harms in flight can decide whether or not you can saturate the SAM site, or keep it suppressed for long enough. And since most multiplayer servers have F-16s on both sides (because we have no redfor equivalent of F-16CM block 50 - we'd need something like MiG-29M or newer. No, J
  4. No it doesn't matter, because even if the reason was the engineer in charge having a bad day at work, it won't change the fact that the aircraft doesn't have physical wiring for this, outside of the testbed unit that was used for weapon tests. It's not the same situation as with tripple maverick racks.
  5. There are different kinds of realism. Assists are expected and acceptable, because we aren't actual fighter pilots, with few exceptions. Historical realism on the other hand is something that other more arcade titles had massive forum flame wars in order to MAINTAIN - because making piloting easier is one thing, but giving the aircraft capabilities it should not physically have is another. We're moving from skill to tactics territory.
  6. Imagine the devs of an <insert a popular multiplayer FPS title here> added a DLC that gives players access to man portable nuke launchers for $59.99, completely ruining all multiplayer balance, and then told players that they can choose not to use them. That would go well, wouldn't it? Yes, you can choose not to use them, but DCS is a multiplayer game and you don't exactly have a choice of not having it used against you. There are ways to limit weapons with scripts, but I don't think there's any tool to limit specific pylons.
  7. The reasons for not certifying it don't matter, if the production aircraft don't have the wiring. Stop spamming sophisms.
  8. I have a better idea: if wiring is there then allow 3 mavs, but actually model the chance of stabilator damage. Granted, this isn't something you'd risk in peacetime but I can see a situation like that during WW3. And DCS doesn't even have proper mechanics in place to simulate peacetime operations accurately, at least not yet.
  9. This. Having ability to ferry them would still be of use, since we have warehouses in DCS.
  10. I wouldn't agree that 9M119 has a higher PK than M1's main gun in conjunction with ballistic computer, if anything I'd say M1 is slightly better. The missile suffers from the same issue Vikhr does, if you fire it at moving target it will oscillate around LOS and hitting target turns into a lottery. Sometimes it will hit, sometimes you do the exact same thing and the missile will miss. Sometimes you fail to track the target smoothly and the missile hits anyway because it just happened to yeet itself that way. And you only carry 3 of them. The only time I had hits against helicopters with it was
  11. What do you expect him to do? Not fire at an attack helicopter that's hunting for him? Red armor on this server is typically 2gens behind Abrams version we have in game. It doesn't have fancy stuff like this.
  12. This is perfectly balanced lol...
  13. +1. Also there should be an ability to spawn neutral flights for a country that is a part of a coalition, for the same reason, as civilian traffic wouldn't be targetted.
  14. m4ti140


    A is a significantly different aircraft, so much that the Mirage is a better approximation than the CM block 50 stripped of weapons. What you suggested has nothing to do with a real early block A. If they were to make one the only thing they could keep would be the external 3D model and even that would require significant changes. The flight model, the engine model, the FCS, the avionics, the cockpit, everything's completely different. The cockpit is more reminiscent of the Mirage or F-14 versions we have in game than the F-16CM. So what I'd like to see is US assets from the same era they
  15. Mi-24 is such a cultural icon worldwide, be it the east or the west, that I refuse to believe it wouldn't sell, people might get it just to have it in their library even if they're only gonna fly the Apache. Every second US action or cold war movie set in the east features the Hind. It's the first thing that comes to people's minds when they think of east bloc military aviation.
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