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  1. *sees above reasoned arguments* Wrong! Everybody knows when encountering a new advertisement the only acceptable response is to repeatedly throw your wallet at the screen. All these technical facts are just what the regressive traditionalists holding us back want you to think!
  2. I know this is old, and I really shouldn't get involved in this conspiratorial mindset, but I want to comment on something that highlights how ridiculous these ''Russia planes stronk land in grass'' threads are. No, they can't because No, they aren't. Farm fields are PREPARED by being regularly tilled up, in other words LOOSE SOFT SOIL. You have GOT to be some city slicker that never goes outside. If anything, they would be hardest during the winter, when it's cold and relatively dry. They would still be very rough and unsuitable, though, because... THEY'RE TILLED FIELDS. What do you think those tractors are doing driving back and forth? Packing it in? Crops won't grow in packed soil. Exactly right. Loose, tilled soil that is also moist would be extremely unsuitable. This is what is done ANY time you see aircraft taking off of ''dirt'' strips. That is packed, prepared ground. After the 1940s the gross weight of most military aircraft became far too high for landing/takeoff in ditches. No, they're not. They paved certain parts for a reason, and generally only a moron (or a plane with a mechanical failure) will run off the paved part into the ditch anyway, in which case the plane will typically be stuck and be pulled out. You can watch multiple videos of planes running off the end of the runway. IN RUSSIA. WITH RUSSIAN PLANES. And being completely trashed. Offhand I have seen videos of MiG-23s, Su-34s, and Tu-22s all getting ditched. A multi-ton plane on high tricycle gear is a very poor offroad vehicle, extremely top heavy even under ideal conditions. Soft soil is soft soil. You're less likely to destroy the plane, but that doesn't mean it won't still get stuck. I saw a guy like you once going through a drive through hit the sign and come to halt then downshift and push on in! Because OBVIOUSLY the thing to do when your vehicle unexpectedly comes to halt is GIVE IT MORE POWER. Any pilot that responded to ''my plane is stuck because I just ran off the road'' with ''engines to full'' should be drug out of his plane and shot. I'm inclined to think this is probably a fluke or bogus. Probably the same way roads are usually built. That is rarely ever the case, even here in the USA. They harden just enough to prevent the ground from washing out from under the road. In many cases even the PAVED shoulders are not able to support heavy weight like tractor trailers... because... that's what the ROAD is for. Surrrrrreeee... whatever you say, buddy. In Soviet Russia, ditch gets stuck in YOU!
  3. Google Earth would be a pretty awful backdrop on its own (have more or less done that in Google Earth VR). I mean ''global satellite imagery'' sure, but lets at least ask for DECENT satellite imagery.
  4. None of which has anything to do with this... and it probably doesn't have anything to do with whatever your grievance is, either, but the feeling of righteous persecution is intoxicating, isn't it?
  5. I had this happen to my wife's laptop a few weeks ago, would not boot up at all, 99% chance it was a failed windows update but I was able to do a system restore in my case.
  6. The roof and turret tops are all universally thin, even on tanks. They're heavily armored on the front, so so on the sides, not at all on the rear and top. Otherwise the 70 ton Abrams would weigh 100+ tons.
  7. Eugel, the people who make these kinds of polls are rarely capable of grasping that sort of nuance, thus the poorly worded selections. They want people to agree with their ideas, typically weight the selections to their ''favor'', ignore the results if they're unfavorable, and decry people who either disagree with or point out flaws in their reasoning/selections. It's like Reddit karma farming, without the karma (thank god, I used to get PMs ''like for like?'' all the time).
  8. I like the F-5 is a fun plane to fly, handles well, with relatively simple easy to learn systems. Of course, that last also limits your options later, too, as it has similar A2A capability as the Su-25 (less in some ways). It's a stepping stone aircraft, but as others mentioned unless you have a particular affinity to it, you can learn all the same stuff with a more capable aircraft. I also say the bugs are exaggerated by rivet counters (as they usually are). Ultimately, every purchasing decision comes to the same thing here considering the time investment required : does it appeal to you? Are you interested enough to spend the time necessary to learn it? If the answer to both is yes, then the aircraft is probably worth it.
  9. Don't worry about the specific names, that part doesn't matter. Nobody cares if it's a T-55 or a T-90. They care it's a tank, a truck, AAA, etc. When communicating with friendlies, describing targets, stick to general categories. You only need to be familiar enough with them yourself to be able to tell friendlies from enemies. More readily recognising specific models will come naturally from exposure, but it rarely matters from a tactical perspective.
  10. Then don't read them? The relevant info is in the OP.
  11. Power off won't have anything to do with your password. If the game isn't connecting to the server, it will kick back when trying to login. But you're here, so presumably you have internet. If a failed login/disconnect for some reason reset your saved login credentials, it may require you to re-enter them manually, in which case you're probably entering the wrong password. This is the most likely issue.
  12. The Bradley is. The larger practice bombs are concrete filled to mimic ''the real thing''. I'm 100% sure 500lbs at 500kts will cave in the roof, jam turret rings, etc unless the angle is so shallow it skipped off. High velocity penetrators are one thing, but at some point sheer mass can get the job done, too. @Dragon1-1 Shaped charges still need a direct to function. Even if there are hundreds of them being dropped, only the ones that actually connect will pen (thus dropping hundreds to insure more hits). Dropping one over a column is going to cause a lot of chaos, but depending on the spread, most of them are obviously going to scatter. The issue with clusters is less likely to be related specifically to the clusters themselves as it is the way vehicle armor is modeled. If you hit ahead of the half way mark on most vehicles it's considered ''frontal armor'' and behind the halfway mark is ''rear'' (I tested this with a BMP-2 once). Some vehicles are more nuanced, but most are not, and in general the caliber of vic modeling is all over the place. How well your clusters work is likely directly related to what specific vehicles are in the column as to whether they even HAVE ''top'' armor values.
  13. I know. Nothing. You said That sounds pretty specifically about the mod. I was pointing out that adding another plane will have exactly zero influence on whether somebody will still have to download a completely separate entity. It takes about 10-30 seconds to Google the download link, depending on internet speed a few minutes to an hour to download it, and 10-30 seconds to move it to the appropriate directory. That's not exactly an insurmountable barrier to entry.
  14. ECM is a half baked on/off modifier. None of them are properly simulated. They all do, don't they? They did not start modeling these systems 20 years ago just to spoil your Russian fantasies. It's ALWAYS been this way. That's because air defenses are not simulated at all. They're ground targets that shoot back. The end. Probably not. The AI is all knowing and all seeing in most games, so that's pretty much GCI. In this case, there pretty much is barely AI on the local level and none on a higher level. That's not a conspiracy. It's a shortcoming of the game that affects everything. I was going to write more, but you've a longterm reputation for writing ''anti Russian conpiracy'' fanfic, so I'll leave you to it. With the majority of modules being NATO oriented, it's fairly logical the side humans are playing on gets the lionshare of the attention. That's how most videogames work.
  15. That's probably the defining criteria right there. MiG-29s are all over the world, including in multiple NATO countries. Longterm, Ukraine turning westward may eventually result in increased access to stuff like MiG-29s, Su-27s, Su-24s, Su-25s... albeit probably not in a timely fashion, and it doesn't exactly prevent other government involvement in the process. As long as ED operates primarily in Russia, that's always going to be a thorn in their side.
  16. It takes like 15 minutes to download and install it into the proper directory. It's pretty much the expected norm in every game on the face of the Earth: if playing on a modded server/mission everybody needs the same mods. See Arma, Homeworld, Il2, or literally ANY game. The importance of everyone having the same fileset is universal across all softwaredom. Otherwise... don't play on modded servers. An AI model of a similar aircraft is still not the A-4 mod. It changes literally nothing. It's not the same files, not the same database entry, nothing. All files must match between all clients if those files add or subtract data (ie anything beside texture and sound mods).
  17. Yeah, there's no need to bother with this overpriced ''professional'' crap. Do you know what the main difference between something that's ''certified professional FAA blah blah'' and ''ganer grade'' stuff? The sticker. And no, I'm not being facetious. That stuff costs thousands because it's proprietary, certified, and comes with lifetime technical support for commercial and military consumers. It is NOT ''better'' than a good gaming HOTAS. People who buy that stuff, in those rare instances it's even possible to do so, are literally pissing away money. My first forays into private flight very quickly taught me the (lack of) significance of something being ''professionally/FAA certified''. Example, the glider we use for training has ducktape over the (broken) little plastic sliding air vent window on the canopy, because they can't legally replace it with just ANY 3x4 inch piece of plastic, it has to be a 3x4 inch FAA CERTIFIED piece of plastic... which costs over $200. -edit, actually I think it's more like 2x3 now that I think about it.
  18. The issue with all this back and forth. The Il-2 tank/gunner example doesn't work here. Your random buddies can't jump into the backseat without multiple hours of reading and/or training and/or a more experienced player's handholding. The same entry barriers that niche DCS in the first place are allll still present even for backseating, with the added ''less glamorous'' nature of the roles, lack of useful AI suitable for backseating, etc. This is not some magic untapped reservoir of people or funds that will flood DCS. If you don't believe me, just buy the respective module and give it your ''previously non-DCS interested friend'' and see how many of them bother learning ANYTHING, much less the backseat. Based on my REPEATED ATTEMPTS (I have spent several hundred dollars on probably a dozen people with ZERO longterm interest) to do exactly that, and the overwhelmingly negative results, I am pretty damn confident saying very few people are that interested in DCS' complexity and it doesn't matter AT ALL how it's priced, packaged, presented, optimised, marketed etc. This just isn't a thing that's going to substantially change anything, and in the current ecosystem of the game it's damn close to unusuable in any practical sense anyway.
  19. They didn't fling them off the ship. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/7099/__trashed-9 Note the catchers protruding off the bow.
  20. What do you think you are, if not a gamer? Or are you super 1337 retired special forces trying to relive your glory days from the comfort of your living room, shaking your fist at the screen while muttering about what it was ''really'' like? Lol From the context of involvement here, even Mover, GB, the SMEs involved in this, are all gamers playing a video game. I'm all for realism, too, but it's still funny seeing how upset y'all are getting over a green filter overlaying your view. There's always going to be areas of improvisation, now, before, and thirty years from now. It's not real life, and no matter how many upgrades they do it's only going to ''resemble'' real life.
  21. Cause 99.9% of them don't have clicky pits and this issue doesn't exist
  22. It's like some people, in this very thread, just discovered this is a very advanced video game or something.
  23. Short version, the USAF has converted the Colorado campus over to VR gaming pcs. So, yes, simulators are increasingly being used to supplement the real thing, and many of these simulators are directly ir indirectly based off DCS. The Russian air force recently showed off a simulator that was VERY obviously using the DCS Caucasus assets.
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