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  1. The one currently based on kneejerk reactionism pending anything to actually be ''outraged'' about? That debacle? In the community they don't like to make announcements ahead of time, because get butthurt because the thing they don't have and haven't paid for hasn't come soon enough so clearly broken promises and bad faith? You guys have valid reasoning on some of these points, I have not disputed that, I do not know why it was or wasn't done a particular way. My dispute is that for 99% of PCs made in the last 8 years running 2d none of this is much of an issue to start with, bar
  2. I'm aware of the shaders mod. I have used it myself before discarding it because I didn't like the ''tweaks'' and it helped only a little. Although I did really like the NVG tweaks. And yes, I've seen the suggestions about the 32-bit normal maps. It would be more efficient in some cases, like the trees, but imo it's an even smaller gain than the VR mod, and even then, most applies only to tree heavy maps, ie Caucasus, the oldest and least efficient map in the game effectively being cobbled together from spare parts. I didn't say optimisations couldn't be done. Quite the opposite.
  3. That's... actually pretty cool, especially the turbofan looking thing. I mean, there was some thought put into that one =D I question the wisdom of putting something like in view under the glass, though. Good way to get your car keyed or broke into. I mean, ffs, an unattended walmart bag or Amazon box will usually get the job done, let alone something like that. I actually don't mind mining persay, the irritating bit is the greed of ''money for nothing'' and the large scale selfishness and inconsideration shown by the people and corps involved.
  4. In general, of course more optimisation is better, and I'm sure they are working on that sort of thing or the game wouldn't function at all. I think one of the problems is people throw that around like it's a magic word that brings FPS and divine blessing when it's not the simple and boils down to screaming ''fix yer gam'' from 90% of the people who use it. In particular I think a lot of this already common tendency is amplified x10 for DCS because for many people it seems as ''one continuous product'', ergo it ''shouldn't change so much''. If they repackaged it as a whole new ga
  5. No hard feelings on either side, hopefully. Likewise with responses you don't like. Yep. No big deal. It didn't turn into shit. It was pointed out the legal issues inherent with your request and the fact you are COMPLETELY DISREGARDING the owners of the property in question, namely the A-4 developers themselves. Case and point this sort of ''this belongs to ME'' approach (it is not communal property, it belongs to the people who made it of which you aren't) was specifically mentioned as one of the big reasons th
  6. I don't think it's antimod, though. The mod section is overflowing and lots of people use it, including many of the people in this thread (me, too). Equating ''a couple of the most popular servers don't bother cause it might hurt their all important numbers'' to a wider ''anti mod'' current is inaccurate. I think the issue is that people see all these 3rd party developers and have absolutely no f'ing idea about the effort, expense, and legality of actually doing any of that. They equate legal, licensed 3rd party devs as ''glorified modders'', especially when they see stuff like t
  7. Nobody's barking at you, including me, nor is anyone moderating you. You're more than welcome to make whatever threads you want, but when you choose one of the ''every two weeks'' topics, that's even addressed in the FAQ of the very thing you're requesting... You can expect there will be at least a chance that not everyone's going to jump on your happy happy bandwagon @@
  8. Having the A-4 installed doesn't interfere with you joining servers, but yes, many servers opt not to bother with mods because it requires everyone joining to also have the mod. Not all, though, there are servers that use it, and others that occasionally do so. It's the same with every other game on the net : if a given server doesn't use your pet mod, find one that does. Or start one. Yep, that's true, and I'm sure they are since it's such a well worn topic and answered in the mod's FAQ, and the developer of it has explained at length before why they don't want to incorporat
  9. A licensed and authorised developer, yes. It isn't hard to grasp what the difference is.
  10. ''Five year old mid range gpu'' If that's your idea of a ''hilarious requirement'' you need to get another hobby. ...is present in starts 90% of these kind of threads
  11. DCS Forum Thread : #1 I want better graphics #2 I want better weather #3 I want better AI #4 I want better radar #5 I want better ECM #6 I want better ships #7 I want better tanks #8 I want better missiles #9 Y U GAM SO BROK ED FUUUUUU
  12. Nobody has to. It's a video game. Prioritising and managing your budget is your problem. The 1070 launched in summer of 2016. That's about to be five years old. 99% of the stuff in the game is not suddenly changing. The cockpit yesterday is the cockpit you'll have tomorrow. You can do that already in the aptly named ''graphic settings''. What version people choose to use is their problem. Nothing is ''marketed'' to beta. Unsuprisingly, new stuff goes there first.... that is its purpose afterall. It is nobody else's problem if
  13. Probably a good idea, since we have all these trainer aircraft collecting dust. Yak-52 or L-39 would be a better choice than the Su-25T or gunless TF-51 (that has never 100% worked). They've also been around for a while and had a chance to pay for themselves. Actually the L-39 is a good choice, older and I'm sure paid for, ideal for training with some simple in house missions, and the Kursant campaign available for continued sales. Or the F-5, same story. An ideal starter aircraft would be one that does not require several years of development and substantial monetary expendi
  14. No, there is zero chance of this happening, because ''freeware mod'' or not, they still require licensing from the manufacturer. DCS is a for profit, commerical operation. There is no loophole where you get to exploit another company's IP and name without having to negotiate with and pay them. Furthermore, whether your ''personal opinion'' that it's as good as paid content, it is still made outside the SDK and would require substantial work to bring it up to full functionality. The developers themselves have expressed they're not interested in doing all of this, which is the first and most imp
  15. You don't have to... unless you've been trying to buy a GPU at some point in the last 2-3 years since all this bs started and are facing a combination of massive supply shortages, shitty business practices, and greedy, scum sucking scalpers. Then it becomes something you're likely to have a greater interest in.
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