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  1. Yeah, that ended up being a poor choice. I helped my brother build a new rig with 3600x and 5700XT at msrp... a few months later his card was going for $800-1000. Crazy stuff, yo.
  2. Reminder to the more angsty among us, you downloaded a beta version of a major system update. You are literally mass guinea pigs. Report your specs, specific issues you seem to be having, and try to be actually productive. If you can't handle being a guinea pig, then give it a couple weeks for them to try to hammer out the worst issues. Otherwise, accept your ''launch day blues'' It was the same situation last time there was a major update. And before that. Almost... like...
  3. LoD issue, maybe? @Crouz That's... not how that works. By all means, if a driver is stable, all fine. The driver updates are usually related to optimisations for specific games, typically where something is lagging considerably more than it should. That 20% you mention will not typically be ''across the board'' but rather for a specific game, sometimes even for a specific CPU/GPU that was having issues. So no, your GPU will not be +300%, nor is Nvidia or anybody else making that claim. The old wives tale about drivers degrading GPUs has been disproven repeatedly
  4. All bs aside, if 500gb is all you have for both OS, software, and games? Yeah, that's not gonna stretch far these days. I figured that out 7-8 years ago, before DCS even really entered the picture for me. 500gb isn't enough these days. The good news is, when I bought my 500gb SSD back then, it cost $300. These days you can get several TB for that :D
  5. As for how close or not Germany came, they were on a guaranteed path to defeat by 1942. Easily seen by this : In summer 1941 Germany advanced across the entire Eastern Front. In summer 1942 they could advance in the north or south, but not both. In summer 1943 a frontwide advance was out of the question, Kursk was ultimately defensive in nature, intended to shorten lines and hold what they had. Lendlease and the strategic bombing campaign didn't even really start achieving their potential until late 43 and early 44. The Germans were f'd from the
  6. No, what you said was Which is completely false by any measure, and Which is at best an extremely flawed interpretation. Air power is by nature a supporting arm of a larger conflict. No matter how powerful or effective, at some point ground forces have to be deployed. In westernmost Europe there were no allied ground forces present, but the strategic bombing campaign was still in support of the other fronts in Africa, Italy, and the East. In those theaters locally, airpower was more obviously tied to the ground cammpaign. The air component of tho
  7. Not a lot, but I have flown some in RL. The knowledge base I built up over the many years of reading and simming was most definitely tremendously helpful. I will say 2d simming creates a weird false perception, because the scale and FoV are off and its usefulness is most of a conceptual nature... VR on the otherhand, I found to be an extremely useful tool for practicing, found myself making the same mistakes in VR I was making in the plane and I was able to correct those tendencies. That statement can be applied to almost any vocation because it's largely true. Most acts are n
  8. This thread we're posting in right now? It's said that for quite a while. Has nothing to do with the YouTube comments which are much more recent, thus all the excitement.
  9. Technically, Germany never should have made it past France, and only did because the French managed to bungle the whole thing so terribly. They pretty much lost the war the instant they failed to overcome Britain, yet somehow decided adding the Soviets to their rapidly growing list of enemies was a good idea. I mean, ffs, they lost cause it was basically ''Germany vs EVERYBODY''. Plucky can do spirit only gets you so far. They had the Japanese, but they were on the other side of the planet. Italy, but they were so brutally incompetent and poorly equipped as to be a liability. Some
  10. Actually flying is not that complicated, just some basic concepts and how to manipulate the primary controls. Learning how to operate any particular aircraft is mostly a case of memorising which buttons to push, mostly a case of repetition. Where things get complicated is comm etiquette, interacting with airspace, and the ridiculous amounts of legalistic red tape and regulation you have to deal with. So, sims are more than capable of teaching what you need to know to fly in general, and to fly any given aircraft if it reproduces it accurately. As far as the quality of simulation
  11. You're right, I haven't watched nearly enough grasping conspiracy videos to form a good opinion, I needed one more and now I'm convinced. Btw, just because somebody is in a position of authority does not eliminate the issues with outlandish, unproven claims. Morons get appointed to important positions on a frightening frequency. My favorite example is a many times elected Georgian senator worried Guam would capsize if an airbase was relocated. Leave alone the resurgence of Flat Earth Theory, and innumerable conspiracies. Appeals to authority are meaningless if that auth
  12. Nope, first thing that happened after I got the Oculus software running was disabling the crap onboard speakers. I have a wireless Steelseries headset I use for that Much better
  13. Effectiveness is irrelevant (and debatable). You said the air war on the eastern front was not on a large scale. That is very much incorrect, and the Battle of Kursk is a major example. If by ''extracting to cover a more important sector'' you mean ''retreating to avoid being surrounded'', then yes. The Battle of Kursk was intended to pinch off a bulge in the Soviet lines, it failed, and instead resulted in a mass Soviet counterattack, the depletion of at this point irreplaceable men and material, and the shift to a defensive stance for the remainder of the war. I fail
  14. Well, you can ask, but he'd have to flash you with a neuralyzer after.
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