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  1. That sounds similar to a problem that an early, maybe beta, version of Quake produced on many networks, back in the day, including the one in my workplace, where some clandestine lunchtime carnage might have gone unnoticed, had it not brought the network to its knees. Apparently, each of the many bullets generated by chain guns caused a network packet to be sent along the peer-to-peer connections, generating a massive amount of network traffic. I don't know exactly how the developers solved the issue, but i suspect that they somehow combined streams of bullets into a far smaller number of packets. Those were the days.
  2. It's when the floor starts shaking and getting warm that you'd need to start worrying. :)
  3. Maybe try the steps identified in the FAQ. I've copy/pasted it for you below. Symptom Blinking menu Cause Faulty lua install Remedy See below Symptom Module name not shown on PTT page Symptom Not functioning after DCS update Cause Faulty lua install due to incorrect or missing DCS path in Windows registry Remedy Set DCS program files path with Custom Path option (Config tab) Remedy Fix DCS install path in Windows registry (use fix reg option on Options tab) Cause Windows account has insuffficient access right Remedy Check Windows UAC / antivirus allows R/W acccess to program files folders
  4. I add all airport names to the MS Speech Recognition dictionary along with my, probably pretty poor, pronunciation of the name. That way, it doesn't really matter how you pronounce it.
  5. Try pressing the button next to the import commands button, the one with 3 lines, and it will combine all of those command rows into 1.
  6. You might want to check the volume level for the Mic, via the Oculus software (via Selecting your HMD in Devices IIRC) However, if the recognition is being inconsistent for particular words, place names for example, you might want to add those to the speech recognition dictionary along with your pronunciation of it. My pronunciation of some of the Georgian towns is something to hear, but as I have added those to the dictionary, they are still recognised. Actually, you could call "Batumi" "Bill" if you wanted to.
  7. Post #64 at this page: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=279268&page=7 should answer your question.
  8. Mine just has the final line of your file. The one that starts "local vaicomlfs ="
  9. OK a daft suggestion I know, but I'm going to make it anyway. You are running VA in admin mode aren't you?
  10. With easy comms on, Vaicom will try to tune the radio to the most appropriate recipient, so it appears to think that the recipient you are trying to contact is on 30.00. For example, if there are two tankers in the mission and you say "approaching for refuel", easy comms will tune your radio to the nearest tanker, which may or may not be the one you want to talk to. I tend to leave easy comms off, 'select tunes radio' on and then say something like "Texaco, select", to make sure that's the tanker i will be talking to when i subsequnetly say "approaching for refuel"
  11. Sounds like you are trying to send supercarrier commands to one of the support ships, which share a radio frequency with the carrier, rather than to the carrier itself. Maybe try "carrier, select"/"<carrier name>, select", before saying "marking moms"
  12. Greyman

    Noob question

    Ctrl Alt C will bring up the Vaicom Pro config dialogue and I just tend to click on the VA icon, in the Windows 10 system tray, to get at the VA log screen.
  13. Greyman

    Noob question

    Nice. It sometimes still struggles with my Northern English accent though :)
  14. Not at my sim PC atm, but there is a check box in the DCS options, called something like "Easy Communucations" and all you need to do is check that, Thereafter, you won't need to manually tune radios and will be able to press just one PTT rather than the one appropriate for a specific radio.
  15. I find that having used the "options" command, thereafter the menu does have a tendency to pop up, even when disabled.
  16. That's the backup Jester menu, for when you need it. It should only pop up with "Jester, Options" however, but once you have it, you can either use "Take 1", "Take 2" etc to select the option you want or the Ctrl + number keys, as with the main Jester Radial Menu. The original radial menu is not accessible when using Vaicom, so Hollywood added this backup version.
  17. Could you open the config (ctrl alt c) and check the PTT tab and let us know if the module name is being correctly displayed, along with the displayed PTT assignments. If you have the A10C active, then "A10C" should be displayed. It might also be worth checking that you are running VoiceAttack in Admin mode.
  18. Aircraft tend to measure altitude using the barometric air pressure (BARO), which will give a reading relative to sea level, so if the towers were built on land at sea level, the altitude would be reasonably accurate. However, if the land was say 30m above sea level, then you would need to subtract that from the altitude reading to get a better idea of your height above the ground However, some of the aircraft will also be able to provide an altitude using a radar transceiver, mounted on the underside of the fuselage, and this should provide a fairly accurate reading of your height above the ground.
  19. It would be interesting to see how ED would create a globe's worth of maps, not just for the present day, but also for past eras, WWII for example. It might otherwise look a bit odd, for example, with Spitfires and ME109s dogfighting over a London skyline that includes buildings like the Shard and the O2. This would be an absolutely mammoth task, as I am sure that the very large team of direct and indirect MSFS devs would tell you and they're just trying to model the earth as it currently is.
  20. If you're going to ask the RIO to adjust the TACAN, it would make sense to ensure that the TACAN CMD is set to the RIO. Whether you can switch to RIO after asking them to tune the TACAN or whether you have to do it beforehand, I'm not sure, but i suspect that the former should work. In theory, the pilot and RIO could be tuned to different TACAN channels and just use the CMD switch to toggle between them.
  21. Just checking, but the module you had loaded, when you noticed VA/VP wasn't working, was the F14 Tomcat wasn't it? I ask this, as the AIRIO commands will not work with any aircraft other than the Tomcat. Also, can you give a little more detail around what you experienced, as "nothing at all" could cover a multitude of behaviours and potential solutions. For example, did the VA log show that it had recognised the commands and that they weren't being passed to or received by DCS or was it showing that the command wasn't recognised?
  22. time for a double celebration then \o/\o/ nice one
  23. 1. Open the plugin Configuration page and on the Config tab click on the EXPORT button. 2. The export folder contains a file called ‘VAICOM PRO AIRIO.vap’ 3. In VoiceAttack, select Import Profile and import this VAICOM PRO AIRIO.vap file 4. Next edit the VAICOM PRO AIRIO profile (click pencil icon) 5. Right-click on each command (there are 6) and select Copy To.. VAICOM PRO for DCS World. 6. Done (the AIRIO profile can now be deleted). Continue to use your VAICOM PRO for DCS World profile as usual.
  24. noooooooooo!!!! If you check out the manual, you should see how to find the VAICOM PRO AIRIO.vap file
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