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  1. hey @DD_GreyKnightI do not believe there ware any incoming coms for FARPS just yet but will look deeper into this. I did come across this older post. hi @KungFu, YES - to help with performance the random ambush units that may randomly appear while in route to your target will automatically be removed from the mission after some time. Again this is to help with performance as leaving these units on the mission as is could slow things down after some time. The amount of time the units exist can easily be change in the code or even disabled (which i do not recommend)
  2. at the moment i do not have any plans on adding persistence to this mission but im sure it can easily be done with https://github.com/thebgpikester
  3. hi! @AlexZander_D thanks you for the support! yes exactly! if you select more then 1 player for a ground assault mission its intended to be used for multiple players to fly the same mission but it can also be used to change the level of difficulty if you choose to do so. So if you want a real challenge for example and you are the only pilot running the mission, you can select a 2 player task which will offer more enemy units to kill - at the moment i have no plans on translating the text but this can be done by looking thru the code. My codes is very easy to read so it wouldn't be too difficu
  4. thanks for the heads up guys! Code was still set it TESTING MODE. now fix. please DL the most recent version! Thanks! @jacobs @beegood Merci pour l'information! Maintenant corrigé!
  5. Now Available for Public Download! ⟽ ★ FARP Hollywood Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element ★ ⟾ Tasked based helicopter sandbox mission for the Caucasus Map that will offer hours and hours of flying time with over 100+ LZs for all DCS Helo modules. This can be played in single or multiplayer. From troop transport to ground assault tasks this sandbox has a little of everything! Features: - 100+ LZs - CSAR Tasks - Troop Insertsions - Troop Extractions - Logistical Operations - Attack Chopper Target Area
  6. 12-15-2020 - Added 10 Addls CSAR LZ Next update will include adding the ability to Spawn Crates for transport Will Add Mobile FARPS across the map to assist in your missions for rearming, repairing Will Add Addls Strike Targets for the Gazelle and KA-50s Stay tuned!
  7. Then I'm not sure what the issue could be let's dig a bit deeper. What type of Target are you killing that clearly isn't registering for you?
  8. Be sure to DL the latest version folks - fixed a little bug with CSAR tasks! ENJOY!! Element!
  9. hmmm oh okay...i wouldn't think loading it dynamically would be much of a difference but try doing it the standard way just to see how it works out.
  10. oooweee this is alot fun! im loving this mission! Much props to you!
  11. that is very strange @HC_Official as I am not seeing any of this. Did you install the script per my instructions , did you make any changes, using the latest version? feel free to join my discord, i have a channel for all my scripts Discord Support
  12. No sir I tested this on my server with 3 different missions matter fact my dev server should be online for a while if you care to test it out. All is good on my end what seems to be your issue? @HC_Official Dev Server:
  13. Blades of Steel - Syria [Helicopter Sandbox] - by Element All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) After the Syrian President was assassinated, that country fell into civil war as various groups fight for power. The city of Damascus is currently under siege by ruthless insurgents. Major airports and Syrian strongholds have been captured. As part of the Combined Joint Task Force (blue) we are to push the insurgents (red) out of Damascus and return peace to the city. Blades of Steel - is a PvE sandbox operation for all current DCS World helicopter modules and Syria Map.
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