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  1. Hi, all Trying to get to grips with Vaicom with AIRIO.. most things work ok but I can't seem to get the Radio Tune option (manual tuning to work). The Radio Tune speech command is recognised but the Voice Attack dialog box return "Radio Tune" Not recognized, as though the Radio Tune command is not a command in the profile, but upon checking it is in there. Also anybody know the command structure - the manual is not clear.. do you say Radio Tune, then pause to wait for the beep and then provide the 6 digit frequency or state the whole command in one - such as Radio Tune 125 Deci
  2. ahh thanks.. yep its a bit of a pain when in a dogfight with a wingman or 4 ship having to say switch between every transmission.. I'll go for the separate bindings and turn of SRS integration in the Vaicom config. Thanks again
  3. Hi all, newbie question with VAICOM, SRS and Multiplayer if anybody could help. Loving the capability of VAICOM but struggling to understand the logic when using with SRS and multiplayer. SO my understanding based on research is: By default the SRS tx keys and the VAICOM PPT keys are set to the same. When in Multiplayer the only way to have voice tx on over SRS is to say "SWITCH" before speaking? Or have SRS TX and VAICOM PTT switches bound to different to different HOTAS switches? I fly the F-14 a lot so VAICOM is great for RIO voice control, but I also fly mis
  4. Same here - great fund with a good bunch of pilots.. and fantastic campaign built by Pravus
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