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  1. Thanks for your reply but Im running a 1920x1080 and a 1600x900 monitor, as can be seen in screenshot here I havent changed my lua files just started doing this. Seems after DCS looses focus, when return it corrects itself. If my 2nd monitor was not turned on until after DCS started is a possibility.
  2. I noticed ALT TAB out of DCS to my browser and back seemed to resize the DCS window to proper size.
  3. LaLa

    Lost TVV tail

    Gimbal roll?
  4. Had flown past my SPI at WP3, 180 degrees in rear mirror the TTV should have been pointing to an icon clamped on the side of the HUD indicating that the SPI was out of view, but the was no indication of where it was. The screenshot on the TAD shows a SPI in front of me.....not possible! There was no indication of the SPI on the ground I looked very careful moving the camera from side to side, back and forth up and down while on active pause......no indication of a SPI anywhere. This was the quick mission in the A10 with a patrol at WP3, I had already targeted them with the TGP, and
  5. Started this mission during day, placed it on active pause came back it was going dark (in game) the main monitor TAD MFCD was very bright, in screenshot brightness has been turned all the way down, the 2nd monitor the dim display is correct. Game exited and log attached. dcs.log
  6. Title says it, when for whatever reason the mouse position is out of sync with screen, in particular, menu items there is no way to even exit gracefully or adjust rez since cant click mouse on menu.
  7. Version 2.7 was so prickly it must have poked a hole in the fuel tank
  8. Flying one of the A10-C quick missions, the plane ran out fuel after just a few minutes (very strange), at that point the plane just started floating, didnt descend didnt respond to controls. dcs.log
  9. Welcome screen only utilizes half the window! Sure would be nice to be able to navigate the menu items with keyboard commands, especially when mouse position out of sync with menu items. dcs.log
  10. After logging in to forum, page responding normally?
  11. When I go to the DCS store page, a message pops up about cookie usage..........now page stops responding, cant respond to cookie message and menus not responding. Reload page same result. Using Ipad pro.
  12. This is particularly noticeable in tank killer 2.
  13. My cockpit gauges with their brightly saturated colours look like the program was designed for kids. Particularly the gauges (red, yellow, green) the yellow handles and grass. Is there at way within DCS to tone down the saturation. This seems primarily yellows and greens. The cockpit appears like something I would expect to see in Fortnite. The grass outside is also oversaturated and looks unreal. I dont want to adjust the monitor saturation, because everywhere else is good.
  14. Make sure you've got the latest version of DCS installed or it wont show up!
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