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  1. I'm hesitant to post in this thread but had a question about the capability of the NS430 and thought this might be the place to post it. Are there plans to have it integrate with the Mi-8's built-in HSI? It seems the manual provided by Belsimtek hints at this capability but it doesn't seem to work currently.
  2. Some "MENU" menus (like in AUX, among others) do not scroll back up when you scroll all the way down with the right knob, seem to get stuck on the bottom page. Apologies if I'm doing something wrong, but it also seems that creating a waypoint using the cursor on the map and pressing enter does not work as it's described in the manual, it always creates a waypoint that is 0 distance away.
  3. I may be wrong but I believe "Convoy attack mode" specifically looks for ships in a line broadside to the missile. The seeker seems pretty specific about certain things like this.
  4. It's a little difficult to describe, maybe someone will be able to describe it better but the way I see it is as if you were to take a slice out of a mountain, it'll show you that slice in black. The easiest way to start seeing it this way is to fly through valleys. It's not super useful just for flying over hilly terrain imo, but rather flying through relatively wide valleys in the dark. The black will represent a slice of the sides of the cliff, and the green in the middle will be the valley through which you can pass. See page 112 of the manual for more info, but roughly, Log (default
  5. Why does the MiG-21 radar automatically show up on the right screen but the Viggen's radar doesn't?
  6. I've been following the first and second RB-15 videos to the letter but can't seem to get them to hit their targets. The missiles seem to start tracking, then veer 90 degrees left or right approx. 5 KM from the target, then blow up. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  7. Is there a comprehensive list of all the addresses you can assign variables to or toggle in the CK? I looked through the manual and I can find some (e.g: to control dispersion battern of BK-90) but cannot find a complete list. If this is forthcoming I apologize for being impatient, the module is amazing!
  8. Having trouble with Mission 9, Pontiac 1-1 doesn't seem to even start up his engine. I confirm ready to roll, he says he's rolling, then as I taxi towards the runway there's some banter about the Tornados and F-16s, but he's still chillin in his hanger with RPM at 0%. Dying to get back into this campaign! I love it!
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