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  1. I found the answer. I had to set the graphic setting to match my desktop setting. Thanks guys for the tips.
  2. I'm interested. How do I get in contact?
  3. Hi, guys. I'm a new DCS player looking to get back into flight sims. I used to play Jane's F/A-18 Hornet sim back in the day. Honestly, I've not played a flight sim in years and wanting to get back in the mix. Looking for squad that is accepting newbies. Looking forward to the new Hornet module. Thanks.
  4. Actually, it's as though the game is not filling up my whole screen. It looks like it's "sandwiched" between the top and bottom. It looks thinner. I tried a couple of screenshots to compare, but it didn't capture what I'm trying to describe.
  5. I was wondering if it normal for the cockpit to look a bit different in 2.0 than it does in 1.5? I'm new and still learning. The cockpit looks a bit smaller in 2.0.
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