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  1. Thanks grafspee. That explain my problem. I will try to be aware of that the next time I fly.
  2. The most stupied I have read in years. Thats all I can say about that. Is this a court or something? I just telling my exsperience!
  3. Would be a dream come true if it they could make Norway Spektakulær julehilsen - VGTV
  4. Not only it spins too easely but it is very slow as well. Today I had no chanse keeping up with a damaged german plane. Felt like I was hunting a jet plane almost. Before I did not have these problems.
  5. Same problem here. Tells "The installed version is up to date"
  6. It is the game. Not the hardware. I had no problem and no lag running on high in 1440p some updates ago, but after the two or three last updates it has a lot of laggs in The Channel map. Feels like going back from 32 to 16 gb ram again.
  7. Yepp. Here we got a lot of info... Well hope they fix it for us soon.
  8. Sometimes the WW2 planes "hover" like helicopters in ME and moves in other strange ways. I have not tryed other planes or maps yet.
  9. Same here. It is like going back again to 16gb ram after running great with 32gb :(
  10. After yesterdays update, it feels like going back to 16gb ram from 32gb on The Channel map. Also the condence from the B17 bombers disepear even when flying in 20 000 feet.
  11. Hello It would be cool if there was automatic marks on the side of the plane like they had in real after shooting down the enemy. I have no idea what you call it in english... Of cause it would need to be reset (removed) for every new time, starting a new mission.
  12. If you want to try this mission. I dont have much stutter on this now. I have a lot of strange light flashing though. Almost like lightening but with yellow colour. I dont have this flashing lights in other maps as far as I now. My system is i9900k, 32gb ram, RTX 2060 super. Battle of Britain.miz
  13. I took away the tanks from my mission (had only two) and kept four other viacles driving a route and most of the stutter was eliminated...Mabe some memory leack some place? Sorry for my bad english
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