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  1. LOL Youre right. Its never easy but I have a lot of time to google The difficult part is to convince my wife that i need a new one
  2. Hi Have anyone gone from 75hz to 144hz monitor with 1440p in this sim? I mostly upgrade my rig because of this game and the last I bought was a RTX 3070 but still use a 75hz monitor. I will still use "only" 1440p but wonder if it is worth upgrade to a 144hz.
  3. I'm happy that DCS World are 100 times more realistic than those movies
  4. Stuck on tittle screan after last update. Solved. Runned a repair.
  5. My right gunner suddently dissepeared LOL. I dont know if he get killed or just fell out though...
  6. Same here and I have also noticed that the enemy I hunting suddetly somtimes stop (hangs) or make impossible turns in the air.
  7. Could it be true that ground forces and vehicles take enormous power from the GPU? When I see the planes in F2 view, I am at between 80 to 180 fps while with F2 view on ground forces and vehicles are all the way down to 24 fps? My rig is: i9900k 32 gb ram RTX3070 gpu (I'm running in 1440p)
  8. Thanks grafspee. That explain my problem. I will try to be aware of that the next time I fly.
  9. The most stupied I have read in years. Thats all I can say about that. Is this a court or something? I just telling my exsperience!
  10. Would be a dream come true if it they could make Norway Spektakulær julehilsen - VGTV
  11. Not only it spins too easely but it is very slow as well. Today I had no chanse keeping up with a damaged german plane. Felt like I was hunting a jet plane almost. Before I did not have these problems.
  12. Same problem here. Tells "The installed version is up to date"
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