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  1. It took me a while to realize that DCS comes with default profiles for the F/A-18 for the Warthog controllers. It took me so long because flying was impossible with it, as the default would assign my rudder controller (MFG crosswind) to the same axis as the Warthog controller, so it mad flying impossible. But now that we have a default controller assignment, (thank you!), I struggle because I cannot find the layout of that assignment anywhere documented. pdf image of the controller with the assignment on it? Did anybody create that? It should ship with dcs.
  2. With my 980Ti tomcat was reducing the refresh reta compared to other modules. With my 2080Ti not enamored. I think this is related to amount of memory that card has. Dcs needs a lot of video memory.
  3. Wags has mentioned several times, that they are working on a dynamic campaign engine. We have not seen any outcome of that work yet. I have seen a lot of positive remarks from people who have experienced the "Liberation Dynamic Campaign", which is a tool written by 2 people in their spare time.They seem to be doing a lot of things right. It seems to be a game changer for DCS single player experience. I believe that it would make sense for eagle dynamics to have a look at what "Liberation Dynamic Campaign" is doing right and try to learn from that. They need to capture that feeling of fly
  4. I never was able to land any aircraft until I started flying in vr.
  5. I agree that control assignment is also for me a big threshold. I only play in VR. So, have to assign everything to my hotas. Unfortunately I can play dcs not often enough to keep remembering the assignments. Button32 does not tell me where it is on my hotas. So I have to use pdf images of my hotas with the button numbers. Not easy in vr. I have to switch between headset and monitor all the time.
  6. That sounds like exactly what I am experimenting. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for confirming. I did all the above. It looks as if jester is too distracted with all the civil traffic and forgets to concentrate on the 2 bandits.
  8. Sure, but it needs moose script and my own script (both attached) and the Civil Aircraft Mod. It is used to simulate air traffic. F14B.zip
  9. In my mission jester will never get a target in his radar if it was found using datalink. I never can fire a missile. This is frustrating.
  10. If I turn datalink on, I can see Much more targets. Good. But jester refuses to lock any. TWS also does to work (no numbers assigned). If I turn datalink off, I get TWS to work. I can never use missiles when using datalink. Any ideas?
  11. I created it. It is based on one of the supercarrier missions in Persian gulf. But, I better try one of the standard missions to be sure. It looks, as if it is not an issue that everybody has.
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