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  1. Stratos

    Simple FM?

    Cause Im not the only one flying my Hind, and that other person is 10 years old. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for clarification! Always cool to learn such things.
  3. Good to see they will do at least a missile with thermobaric warhead, If we use it at lower range it can double as the Shturm. Hope they add this content soon.
  4. Кто-нибудь знает, что изображено на этой картине? Мне любопытно узнать больше об оранжевых летных костюмах двух мужчин, садившихся на Ми-8. У кого-нибудь есть идеи?
  5. Mostly blast damage I think, but yes, it saw heavy use in the Afghan campaign and also in later conflicts, so it must be there.
  6. A warhead that saw heavy use in Afghanistan and Chechnya, specially against bunkers and caves. Will we see it once the napalm/fuel air bombs effects are implemented??
  7. Fire bombs are needed for almost all modules, Napalm for US planes, Fuel Air bombs for the red planes and helis, etc.
  8. Stratos

    Simple FM?

    Some months have passed since the early release, will we see the simple FM in the October patch?? Will really apreciatte it. Thanks!
  9. Restrict it If you want, but please don't eliminate it, Im having fun with the NVG.
  10. No, most probable war for Spain is against Morocco, we have several points surrounded by Moroccan territory.
  11. Probably Morocco, is the most likely enemy for Spain.
  12. Ok mate I have to congratulate you and say thanks as well, as this is a very well done mod, and it's fun both to fly and fight. Really good work. If you want some feedback, only problem until know is that rear wheels turn when I apply rudder. Not that impportant, but maybe you can fix it easily.
  13. I agree, one of the poorest wingmen around.
  14. Is there any way to swap the Caucasus trees by the Marianas palm trees? I want a big tropical map.
  15. That would make a great AI asset!
  16. Can someone with Russian languange knowledge make a resume of what this video means please? Even the first part with english subtitles is sometimes to understand. Thanks.
  17. Looking forward to this campaign, hope it come with plenty of skins both for Huey and friendly fast jets.
  18. Exactly, that was the original idea of my request. Really excited about it!
  19. I requested this long ago, very excited to see it coming, hope we dont have to wait much more now.
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