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  1. I'm more interested in the Petrovich video, want to see it in action.
  2. I've seen BigNewy pretty active around the forums last weeks, hopefully he will notice this post and tell us If such behaviour change is to be expected.
  3. You know what I wanted to say. Altough the dinamic campaign will be really nice, I think we need some steps toward a more realistic enviroment. The small steps I'm proposing (together with others like Grievo and others) should be really easy to add and will dramatically change the sim.
  4. Then Iron Man sitting in a BTR turret kills you at 2km away. rofl
  5. I like the idea, I think it can save a lot of ED resources and still give us a far more realistic envinroment.
  6. Fri I agree with you about the massive changes needed, BUT I think a quick change is mandatory to fully enjoy the Hind. Something that need to be added NOW, not in some years. Something good is far better than something perfect the next year. What we shouldnt tolerate is the poor status of the AI behaviour and the lack of frag damage.
  7. The more I think about the DCS Hind missions, the more I feel we need a CRASH change in AI behaviour, a change to be released with the Hind, pending a more deep update, but such CRASH change will allow us to: - Make DCS combat envinroment more realistic. - To make missions more enjoyable. How? Just two points. - Reduce APC/IFV/MBT gunner 360º view, tracking hability and gunnery hability. Make it random, see you/don't see you, or make them the same as now but with a greatly reducedcone view. But don't make them a insta Sa-10 radar as they are now.
  8. Really useful!! Good work
  9. Please read my request properly, I'm a geographer, I know about the different climates and different terrains, Thanks.
  10. Bump, I'm interested in deltatango idea!
  11. lol, no, I requested a limited repaint of Persian Gulf map Not related to Caucasus.
  12. A motivating video that shows what I requested... (and some fine polish Hip and Hind flying as well).
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