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  1. I vote for "NO" Dero unit If we erase the radar.
  2. Cool mod! We need a Liaoning skin for the Kutz now!
  3. IIRC there was a YouTube trailer at some point, but cannot find it now, was I dreaming??
  4. I want to represent a ADV F-16, able to add the Sparrows (I know ADV does not carry Sparrowin wingtips, is just for tests), but it seems the sim does not recognize the missiles. Is there any way to use them? [img]https://i.imgur.com/SDsenxA.png[/img]
  5. Thanks for clarification, hope we see the option to fly with the radar removed in the 3D model.
  6. In this months before the release we really should get an improvement in rocket damage and infantry/vehicle behaviour. Something simulating supression, like not being able to fire back for a while or something like that.
  7. I did that too, and I agree with you, hard to survive. But the worse part is the lot of worklord for the pilot, what I expect is that the AI gunner will call for enemies, manpads launch, etc. So it will down the workload quite a bit If properly implemented.
  8. I agree with Dimitrov, we need more assets, tons of vehicles, artillery, AAA...
  9. Thanks for the clarification S.E.Bulba! I hope they add the fuel tanks as soon as possible, really sad not to see the UPK-23 pods. And I'm really looking forward to that damage model update, it will be nice to have it for the Mi8 and Mi24.
  10. I'm curious about two things, maybe Sebulba can clarify. - Fuel tanks: Will we get them along the way? are not a common use loadout? - UPK-23: I know we get the front gun, but is the Mi-24P capable of carrying them or not? We're seeing also updates on the damage model of several airplanes. Will we see a better damage depiction of the rockets concerning infantry and ground vehicles?
  11. I will surely miss the wing fuel tanks and the UPK-23, one cannnot ever have something like too much firepower.
  12. Wondering how we can get a translated to english version wit Youtube Subtitles.
  13. I feel we really lack in the gound units department, AAA, SAMS, non only Warsaw pact material, but chinese, french, british and american.
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