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  1. It does involve SRS, but also the encryption feature of the aircraft basically you hop into a Mirage, and launch SRS on uhf un srs, you select an encryption key; when done, you click on the radio encryption in the Mirage all Mirage using the same encryption key on SRS will hear the transmission on a given UHF frequency, the others will hear a distorted noise
  2. Thanks ! The Mirage and I think the A-10 have radio encryption implemented on UHF We use it all the time when flying our mission with the Mirage you just select a common encryption key and enable encryption over uhf
  3. Hi My squad is organizing a PvP event, and we'd like to encrypt our JF-17 radio transmissions. Is it implemented ? i couldn't find anything in the manual. thanks
  4. How can we get the ball rolling to get this feature ? It’s a pain not being able to rearm on a farp in MP... it goes against the essence of a Viggen’s doctrine
  5. Hi Maybe someone can confirm or deny: last evening i couldn’t get the WMD7 designation pod switched on, either in multiplayer or solo, and in either pod’s station (centerline or wing mounted) Do you have the same issue ? ***EDIT*** it works in quick games, i'm puzzled..
  6. [WIP] FAF cannot be changed Hi since the last update, it seems i cannot change the FAF in Approach mode, in order to choose the runway's QFU
  7. can't rely on my trusty Mirage for our squad missions anymore: BVR is now very difficult given the radar bugs, and air ground precision just don't allow any serious engagement. i switched to the JF-17 for any serious missions. fed up waiting for bugs corrections.
  8. Just read the mini update news. Thanks a million to Deka for implementing AAR, I'll be able to use the Thunder much more regularly on our squad missons which usually involve very long flights. Thanks !
  9. in my experience, i have a similar issue on buddylasing, from F-18 for instance the gbu drops, is guided for a while, and then loose the laser everytime
  10. Hi, I've read about the implementation of the IFF (great addition to DCS by the way), and even created a kneeboard page based on the Grim Reapers IFF tutorial (thanks to them) However, my buddies flying in F-16s in the same coalition as me, still identify my aircraft as foe (while I see them as friends correctly, after using either mode 1 or 3A IFF) Does this mean it is MANDATORY to execute the variable "MAGIC_IFF ON" in the mission in order for the other planes in the coalition to see the JF-17 as belonging to bluefor (for instance) ?? thanks
  11. hi sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, but i couldn't find the answer i've been enjoying the JF-17 a lot, to the point it's becoming my go to aircraft now Coming from the Mirage, the lack of Air refueling capability is an issue for the type of mission my squad and I do. Is there a good chance AAR will be implemented, and if so, any timeframe you can communicate on? thanks again for this great and unexpected (for me) aircraft. definitely the best module along with the F-14 this year, keep it up, i greatly appreciate your work and responsiveness ! :thumbup:
  12. 6 o'clock nails are still truncated in the "rwr". tested in multiplayer with a friend last evening, after we both upgraded to the latest OB release.
  13. Thanks a bunch for this great update Razbam !
  14. VTH = VISUALISATION Tête Haute
  15. it is implemented. I got the triangle symbology last evening while on a CAP mission with my team
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