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  1. Have you tried ALT plus Enter? Check this post..... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=165411
  2. Hi. Go to the DCS settings menu, VR tab and check that the mouse is restricted to the game window. This will stop most inadvertent desktop activations but I still find that the task bar can be activated so click and hold the Windows task bar (before entering the sim) and drag it to the side of your monitor. It will now be out of reach of DCS. Cheers. Jav.
  3. Hi Windy. The Hawk cockpit is tied to the external model and the Hawk external model is in turned scaled to be the correct size within DCS, so the short answer is, I'm afraid, no. I understand what you mean about the roominess though, this is probably because of the amount of kit you have to wear when you're flying the real bird. Cheers. Jav.
  4. Thank you guys for all the positive comments. Also a big thank you to Ells for letting me be the one to break the news. I can tell you that, as of 10 minutes ago, the initial release files were completed and passed to ED. They should be patching the sim this week which will include the Hawk upgrade. Just a reminder that, regarding the rear cockpit, in single player everything works just fine but, in multiplayer it's ride along only at the moment. Happy flying. Jav.
  5. Javelin320

    Hawk Rear Seat

    Hi all. It's very rare that I post in the forums but now I feel compelled to tell you of the background behind the exciting developments coming to the Hawk version 2. The thing is Ells is a modest chap so you won't know the amount of work he puts into rectifying the Hawk and how much he cares about the product. The pressure is really on VEAO at the moment with the imminent release of the P40f and, as a result, Pman and his teams are working flat out on producing, what I believe, will be a fantastic warbird in every sense. But there has been little resource left for our little Hawk.
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