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  1. Hi, thanks for this link. I have read what is written in this thread and I can confirm that the crashed do stop right after changing the setting to non-active deferred shading. However this doesn't stop the slowness of DCS application according to the STEAM VR notification. Any ideas why this messages pops-up all the time? English translation: Ready (not responding) DCS.exe Best regards, enhenzer
  2. MY NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 driver is up to date. You mean my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 driver, aren't you?
  3. Here we go: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AplNtBakXDBDmF9Y4oLAcXbATCX5 BTW: how I can upload images and zip-files right away?
  4. NO mods installed. How I can retrieve the log files?
  5. Hello guys, since latest DCS v2.1 update I'm facing the issue that DCS is crashing all the time when I quit a mission and want go back to the main menu or sometimes even during mission runtime. Before the latest update this happended occasially, but now it happends all the time. The error message looks like this: English translation: The application is not properly executed due to a problem. The programm will be terminated and you will be notified when a solution is available. Also I get weird messsages from STEAM VR application right after the start of DCS (entry screen, no
  6. Hello Boum, I will try your settings, but I fear that it will not work for me. Yesterday I have worked on my settings. I started with very low settings and than I changed each setting step by step to high and back to low and checked the impact on the FPS. Not such much differerence. All settings on low or all setting on high make more or less no difference. Maybe 10 FPS. Average is about 30 FPS. Also I have a wierd message from steam VR application: Also the steam VR software says my application performance is too low, although I only have just started the DCS application (entr
  7. Hello Guys, thank you for your posts. I have changed my MSAA and anisotropic values and the result was a slight improvement to my previous situation. But I still facing issues. Quite strange is that my FPS are basically not so much differnt, no matter if I have all settings on low quality or on high quality. Average FPS are ~30. BTW how many FPS would be normal with my hardware? Also the steam VR software says my application performance is too low, although I only have just started the DCS application (entry screen, no gaming is running). In a nutshell the steam VR message says
  8. Hello, I have serious performance issue, although that my hardware is quite good. So I thought maybe here is an DCS guy who can give ma a recommendation, which settings I should use based on his experience. Also this thread might help other people to use for comparison and as a starting point for their settings. What do you think? Which settings I should use with the following hardware (to play this game in VR)? HTC Vive Windows 10 (64-bit) i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 SSD drive I'm looking forward for your ideas. Thank you very much. Best regards,
  9. I will open a new thread to check if someone else can help. Maybe a DCS guy can give an recommendation based on his experience.
  10. Recommended Settings BTW, what settings you would recommend for the following hardware: HTC Vive Windows 10 (64-bit) i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 SSD drive Looking forward foru your recommendations. Best regards, enhenzer
  11. Thanks for the URL, badaboom. I will check it right away. Best regards, enhenzer
  12. HTC Vive - huge performance issues Hello, today I played DCS 2.1 Normandy map on my HTC Vive for the very first time. It was a desaster. The performance was very bad, bascially this game was not playable at all. I used the same settings which I use with DCS v1.5 and which are usually fine, but in v2.1 these settings doesn't work. Even with low quality settings the performance is a nightmare. Not sure how to solve this issue. It think this is an issue of DCS and not of my hardware, because when I turn on "frame drop notification" no message is displayed, which means that grafik perfor
  13. Thanks to all of you for your support and distribution. Your answers were a great help. I think I will uninstall my steam version and play DCS just as I can download it from DCS website.
  14. Thank you very much for your swift answers. Do you have any rough idea when the Normandy map will be out of beta? What is the main difference between the graphic engines? Is it faster or better in quality or anything else? Do you know the main difference between DCS normal and DCS steam version? For me it sounds a little bit like it's not realy necessary to have the steam version. At the moment it seems that DCS normal version is more interesseting then the steam version. If Normandy map runs on DCS v2.0 only, do I have to buy the Neveda map as well?
  15. Hello all, I bought the bf109k and the dora and I'm waiting desperately for the Normandy map. Usually I play DCS in VR by using my HTC Vive. My installation is a Steam version. Now here my questions: - When it is possible to pre-order the normandy map for steam? - In case I would buy the Normandy map now, would it be possibe to migrate this version to steam later on? - As far as I have understood the Normandy map is made for DCS 2.0 and the steam version is v1.5 only. Where are the main differences between DCS v1.5 and DCS v2.0? - Would it be possible to use my current warbirds for
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