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    M2K free trial?

    Modules are under Special Offers tab because of the sale going on now. I already have the M2k myself but was looking fwd to loading it up on a family members copy of DCS to see if they would be interested in it.
  2. I was looking around for this a while back but wasn't able to get it to work. What I ended up doing was save off 2 versions of options.lua and made 2 batch files that will switch between them. Haven't gotten around to changing the paths for 2.5 cause I've just been playing it in VR since release, but here it is for my 2.1 install: saved off a version of options.lua with my VR settings as options.vr and create a file called DCS-VR.bat in notepad @echo off title Setting DCS VR Options cd /d D:\Users\nosebruise\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Config\ copy options.vr options.lua cd /d E:\DC
  3. it hasn't. bitcoin mining has been all done by specially purposed ASICs for years now. the mining demand buying up the graphics cards right now are going toward random alternative cryptocurrencies.
  4. Please please please fix the VR zoom speed. It seems like having a bindable axis could potentially be cool, but at the very least giving us an option to make it an instant pop to full zoom or adjust the speed would be a huge improvement to VR. The zoom animation speed can be a bit excruciating at times.
  5. Note that they don't mention PRO anywhere. It's because the pictures are of a standard MCG (base model, non-PRO). Comparison chart. EDIT: Just noticed there was a post with a picture of a PRO. You can see the thumb button is clearly different: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3261845&postcount=523
  6. Where can I find the Material # for other textures? I'm trying to reskin the first-person cockpit pilot ( & kneeboard ) to match the M2K livery I made. Also do you know if it's possible to alter the RGB values of the instrument panel lighting somewhere? It would be nice to get the brightness of the IP lighting without the bleeding of the saturated red in VR. Great job on this, btw, looks & feels great. The research shows through.
  7. Obviously creating a true FFB stick would be... more than trivial. A few days ago I was entertaining the thought of what having a simple rumble motor might possibly add, though. It may be far from true FFB, but could still get some neat Jetseat style stall/weapons/etc effects out of it possibly.
  8. I kinda like them, but I wouldn't shed any tears if they were missing. Can't see them in VR anyway. User decals sounds like an interesting solution, but may not make practical sense.
  9. I'm not blaming anyone for this situation, but it's definitely a huge headache as far as customer experience goes and will almost certainly result in negative perceptions toward the product. DCS is (unfortunately, by it's nature) extremely unfriendly towards newcomers: -The game itself is extremely technical. This is absolutely THE core feature of this product, being a hardcore simulator and is simultaneously a fantastic thing and a pain point. Most users will likely consider learning modules half the fun, but then there's also stuff like mapping controls and learning to navigate the fr
  10. To me it sounds more like you've got an awkward OS configuration and some bad luck. PC gaming certainly involves troubleshooting from time to time and sometimes it can get deep, like what you're currently experiencing, but typically it's not such an issue. Did you install Win10 yourself, or did it come pre-installed? Have you tried a fresh install? There's a lot of reasons DCS is niche, and hardware configuration issues is probably pretty low on the list.
  11. I wouldn't count on it. There's enough hurdles that it would be prohibitive if not impossible. It also doesn't make much business sense, as most console gaming simmers likely have PCs to play sims on. Simulation software is largely confined to PCs and there's quite a few reasons that things have developed that way. They're generally more like complex sandboxes that attempt to replicate levels of detail and complexity found in the real world than what you would traditionally find in entertainment software. Because of that they tend to be really rough around the edges in terms of user exp
  12. Exactly this. I was waiting for him to flick a switch the entire time. I've had a Leap Motion for a couple years now and while they've improved on the technology since I picked it up, honestly I can't imagine using it with DCS in a functional way.
  13. It was the Tacview issue. Thanks for troubleshooting, works great now!
  14. Just tried this again, and it looks like it's still not working in 2.0.4, although it works great in 1.5.5
  15. Just tried booting it up again the next day and seems to be running as intended. I think it may have been quarantined by anti-virus software. Not sure why it did so, but I got a message about it clearing a scan and it works now. BTW, thanks for the software! Really appreciate the work you guys are putting into this and SS Wheels! I'll surely be picking up the release of that at some point too :) Edit: I still haven't tested it to see if it works with 2.0.4 now, I'll have to do that later.
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