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  1. Hello @hegykc, for brake shock absorber, you said to fill them with oil, do you have any recommandation about the oil ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. Do you already think to use an hydraulic damper into your system ? Don't know if it's possible: It's a motorcycle damper for steering wheel.
  3. Hello Mikhail, Could you please add me to the production planning ? Shipping for France. What's your production time currently (out of shipping time) ? Thanks
  4. Hello ED Team, Extract from News letter pre-calculated ray tracing Could you please give us more information on it ? Do you plan to use DXR ray tracing from DirectX ? Thanks
  5. Just purchased now, I hope this will help me to use the Kamov 50 Shkval Any idea for the delivery time, for France ? Thank you @Deltaalphalima1
  6. Great job Dimi, as usual, happy new year to you too, and see you soon, in Kamov
  7. Hello team, congrats for this amazing job. Do you have an idea to how this mod can be stand alone ? Like the A-4E or MB-334 mod ? Just I'm curious how they can do that without the ED SDK. Continuez ;-)
  8. Hello, Thanks for your hard work. Do you plan to add CSAR script ? Other thing, I don't find information, but how to add playable planes, extend existing group is it "codable" compatible ? (I tell that for Helos, and my concern is about the unit name, if I extend the group, the unit name will not incude in the CTLD script, but maybe it's minor as impact... I have to check CTLD content...) Thanks again
  9. Yes, I found it. Yesterday night, we had test the PG version (2.1.1): - CAP (sry squadrons ;-): One plane by one plane is not realistic as CAP, could you please spawn them by pair ? - BAI for helos: so far.... at least 60nm, against 20 for Caucasus map - Already said, but the skill for squadron have to be lower, I put all group in random, and the mission is more appreciable for allied CAP :thumbup: - We never saw a tanker, while Airboss script was activated, awacs yes, but no tanker, is it a particular command to activate them ? Zeus script is just magic, do you have the source for this
  10. Yes, I saw the settings for menu, but didn't find the CAP ENI/allied activate, do you mean the CAP was replaced by squadrons ? The activation of ENI squadrons seems automatic, and are not controllable by menu :helpsmilie:
  11. Sorry but don't reminder the version, just the date is from December 20, 2019 In your last revision, I can't spawn a red or allied cap ? I didn't found the menu
  12. Hello Mith, Below a feedback from a french team, testing your mission yestarday evening (google translator): As a reminder of the facts, last night we flew on a recovery mission on the ED forums: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=249290 The objective was to test it, thank you to all the participants. A quick debrief: - 3 Ka-50, 3/4 Huey, 5 fighters (F-14, 2 M2KC, 2 F / A-18) - Launch of a strike mission, the Ka-50s prepare, the huey, after the triggering of the ENI CAP, decide to mount SAM protection sites via CTLD (it was the best thing to do). The fighters get ready - Despite
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