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  1. It was announced for the Harrier, and there's some bug where it's active for some people already but not for others. Yes, you can use the BAD input functions in the pit, but your input is limited to .10's of degrees, and the map ruler only has a precision of 1 degree. For any reasonable run-in distance (around 7nm), the difference between 0 deg and .9 deg can be hundreds of feet. Being able to place it in the editor means the precision will only be limited by your placement of the point itself, or at least will resolve to the nearest .1 deg which would be good enough.
  2. Is this coming to the mirage? It would make PI bombing much more viable since we won't be bound to the limitations of the ruler tool.
  3. The last major update post said this would be in the next release, which is now tentatively 01/27. Is this slated for release then? Will there be a post explaining its use?
  4. Flying mission 10 of TEW campaign. Involves rocket and dumb bomb use. I'm finding with the TGP as SOI (and as the active SPI sensor as indicated in the lower left-hand corner of the HUD) and an active firing laser, the aircraft is getting the slant range COMPLETELY wrong in both CCIP and CCRP. I'm talking off in range 500ft plus. This missions engagements largely take place over mixed terrain. Is it possible the A10 is erroneously using radar altimeter data instead of laser slant range to establish height over target? Also, on a side note, why are trees invincible? I'm
  5. I love the AZ/EL page. The primary way I use it is with TWS MAN. I keep the TDC on the attk radar format. Now, I can use the TDC azimuth to control azimuth and the elevation wheel to control the elevation and see positive readouts of both immediately without taking my hands off the controls and without ever leaving the same DDI. TWS AUTO isn't properly implemented yet so it doesn't use a scan centroid, so this is the best way of keeping the tracks I want in the radar FOV. It also works great in RWS when I'm trying to keep a track file on a subset of contacts (140deg AZ tends to dro
  6. Does the version the Lot 20 used have multiple target cueing? How about a real offset ability?
  7. The dive in your OP was too shallow, but the post above looks like a good angle. As for the ring, it broke in an update in late 2019. It's supposed to show you the minimum pitch to be at to achieve a 4g pull-out. Pipper should be at or above the ring at all times. Right now, I don't know what it's supposed to show you, but it's useless.
  8. We're all making assumptions. It is possible the person who tagged this post DID read and understand it. Last year the ability to slew designation in the HUD in all modes, and TPOD PTRK designation following targets were also 'confirmed' not features of the legacy Hornet. It is possible that, like those items, new information has been presented that suggests that this was, in fact, a feature of the legacy hornet.
  9. Yes, I was specifically referring to AA BVR engagements. I didn't see that post from Wags before. BN/9L, are you saying that the ability to see other aircraft's L&S target in AA engagements is coming soon?
  10. During this free period I've been able to try out the Viper. I've found it much easier to maintain SA in a BVR engagement in the viper mainly because the Viper MIDS shows which targets flight members (as well as other Link-16 fighters) have 'bugged' (basically the Viper version of an L&S target). Does the Hornet have a similar feature for its D/L that just isn't implemented yet, or is this something it just doesn't have in real life? Flying with AI wingmates is a real pain in engagements because they follow no logical sorting, so being able to see who they're targeting is a gre
  11. Here is a track showing the active pause leading to accurate designations. Notice a redesignate to force re-sweeps a few times. The first two times I do it, you'll see on re-sweep the 'X' is off position, as each time the radar sweeps when the AC isn't moving the map becomes more accurate. Once it's 'caught up', every designation I do is bang on. EXP_pause.trk
  12. The countdown is bugged. It's just supposed to be 0-100-0. Represents how close to LAR center you are. Therefore, the bug could in the calculation, or the LAR itself.
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