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  1. I'm personally hoping HB will make more than one variant just like with the 'cat. Old Vietnam era A-6A and a TRAM/SWIP version would be awesome. Or add the A variant as a sort of DLC later on.
  2. I've been doing some tests as server host in MP. If the mission is paused on server startup, spawning in the wingman slots causes CTD. But if you spawn in the leader slot first and then change to wingman and spawn, it doesn't crash (but only if the mission is paused during this time). Additional info that might help :) dcs.log-20191218-203829.zip
  3. I'd like to add that the green backlight for the "Track Hold" button doesn't light up when the button is pressed. The red backlight goes out if the night backlighting is enabled though. This has been an issue even before the last updates.
  4. Do you have your radar set in the XMIT position? I was able to reproduce it by having it in STBY.
  5. +1 for this idea. Please give us this option in the "Special" options tab
  6. Me! :D 58 minute mark.. Gonna need to put that thing into a loop until the F-18 drops..
  7. Please read the post again. Other 3rd party aircraft didn't have assets associated with them. Only the Harrier did AFAIK with the LHA-1 Tarawa and KC-130, but these became a free part of DCS World. I'm not sure if it was confired the Forrestral carrier battlegroup will be free for all DCS players. For example, if you don't own the WW2 asset pack, you can't join servers where any part of it is included.
  8. Will people without the F-14 module be able to join a server with the Forrestral included in the mission? It'd suck if they won't.. (Just worrying about some of my squadronmates not being able to join my training mission or any other server with the Forrestral included)
  9. By the way, Blueflag admins, Tbilisi and Vaziani airfields give Blue unfair advantage. It takes maybe 20 seconds of flight time in TF-51 to get the airfields repaired, therefore it makes them uncapturable for Red, unless they have like 25 fighters + strikers in the area or they play PvE (like the Blue do to make progress *cough* *cough*). Why don't Red have something similar to make it fair? Novorossiysk + Gelendzhik or both Krasnodar airfields?
  10. Heard that Eagle Dynamics? Wake up, it's (almost) 2018. Don't keep up to date only the graphics for god's sake.
  11. Nope, the site is showing mission time 2:40:00 for good 30 minutes. The server is half dead. You can't see it in server list, but the people who joined the server beforehand can still fly there, but just don't see anyone else moving.
  12. Blueflag uses the logic of uncontrolled airports, where you only report your actions over 251 for other people to know your intentions. I understand that you want to feel like the most important person of Blue side, but, I am sorry, you are at wrong place. Try VATSIM, IVAO or PilotEdge. I have nothing against the idea of actually doing ATC on Blueflag, but don't blame people who don't follow your idea. I know my buddies don't use 251 much, so I'll let them know.
  13. Any chance of getting Caucasus blueflag back with 1.5.8?
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