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  1. I'm pretty sure this was the one. I created a "Campaign" using the new Beta tool. This was the first MIZ from that campaign that was generated. F-16-Syria01.miz
  2. Not even sure which forum this should go into. Rig: i7-9700K@5.0, 32gb RAM, 2070Super, Reverb G2. Latest Nvidia hotfix driver, updated Win10, SteamVR, non-Steam version of DCS. Usually get okay frames 30-45ish on the Syria map. Last night I was playing mission created with "Briefing Room": https://akaagar.itch.io/briefing-room-for-dcs Great program so far. Anyway, I was playing a mission on the Syria Map, and it was running fairly smooth...I had just taken out a few tanks in my Viper, and then turned to an oncoming MiG-29. Just before I get into AIM-120 Range, I
  3. You are THE MAN! Thanks for the change, and the quick response!
  4. This looks great! Is there anyway to get LatLon instead of MGRS? I want to swap out the A-10 for an F-16 and we can't input MGRS in the Viper...yet. At least I don't think we can.
  5. Supercarrier is implemented as an option, but I haven't flown from it yet. I THINK it should populate with any aircraft that have a mission, but not sure.
  6. The Flight paths are still a work in progress. I usually re-route my flight (especially with the Viggen) in the Mission Editor. You can delete WPs and add WPs, but not with precision, in the Liberation GUI.
  7. Yup...tanks, arty, whatever you decide to deploy is in the mission. Along with the Enemy. CAS flights attacking, Escorts...escorting. It's all there. It's still a work in progress, but it has alot of options you can customize...infantry or not, moving vehicles or not. Smoke on the Front lines, JTAC (not helpful with the Viggen, but it's there). However, like I said, it CAN tax your system if you "buy" too many units. You can also mod whichever faction to use whatever aircraft. It's very flexible.
  8. That was probably an earlier version. Airfields are indeed populated, and you can even choose them as a mission target. It DOES slow down your machine if there are alot of parked AI, though. The latest...2.3.2...is VERY busy. With moving units, infantry, MANPADS, airfields that are populated (both Allied and Enemy).
  9. I've been running DCS Liberation. https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/releases It's a bit daunting at first, but well worth it. You kinda have to manage the whole air war, but I've been playing the Viggen exclusively with it. Strikes against S-300 sites using the Bk90 is hair-raising fun.
  10. I thought they sent out the pre-orders from October and before? Yikes, man! I hope you get it soon!
  11. Not too worried about moving to WMR or SteamVR...I work in IT, so I get paid to solve tech issues. (Of course I say that now, so watch me pull my hair out) Thanks for the answers, gents...if I take the plunge, I'll post results to help other users on the fence. It'll still be awhile before they're in stock, obviously.
  12. Currently I'm running a Rift CV1...Core i7-7700 @5.0, 2070 Super, 32gb Ram, and running off an SSD. Got the PPD set @ 1.4...non-Steam version of DCS. FPS is acceptable for me (SP only), although I can't give you numbers off the top of my head. I'm worried the G2 might push my hardware past that limit. I've saved up to get one, but some of the DCS reviews have left me nervous. I'm weary about giving Facebook (Oculus) any more money, and I only ever use the headset for Flight-Sims (Il-2, with some SW: Squadrons and NMS thrown in). So professional opinions, anyone?
  13. So I have no interest in flying the JF-17, but I LOVE the Gripen. Is it worth buying just to use this Mod?
  14. Same here....seriously freaked me out at first. Back in now (obviously).
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