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  1. I like the OP’s #5. Hadn’t ever considered parking a convoy unless / until somebody is in the neighborhood. Just out of curiosity, how big a zone do you use to kickstart them?
  2. Beauty of a Mark. Thanks for sharing!
  3. There is no circular release cue in the middle of the HUD anymore. Left side of the HUD, there’s a “Range Staple” just like for the Maverick. There’s a range and countdown to valid release. The problem is that that release cue is far smaller than it should be if you’re at a reasonable altitude. Right now, even at 20,000’ you only get like a two or three second window to pickle and you end up at about 2.5nm from the target. Way closer than you should be. If you watch Wags’ Intro To The GBU-54 video on YouTube you’ll notice that even at only about 11,000’, his release cue is nearly as tall as that for a Maverick shot. IOW, I don’t think we get the traditional CCRP release a la GBU-12s. You fly the drop line down the middle of the HUD and pickle manually once your range falls inside the range staple and you have a manual release consent. Going by what I’m describing, I’ve had no issues getting weapons off the jet. It’s just the ballistics “math” that’s not working right (yet),
  4. Anybody able to whip up a Hula Girl?
  5. I see you needing to correct about five degrees to the right for crosswind you’re flying in... Your TVV is right in the middle of your pitch ladder...
  6. Using the little flipper that can go between Electric and Pneumatic
  7. Left Side Of The HUD Release Cue “Staple”* Also a Countdown To Release / Time To Impact Count Up *IAMs are not functioning properly right now. ED are investigating.
  8. Set Manually and the Altimeter needs to be set to Electric (unless that bug got fixed)
  9. Depends on where someone crashes. In the sand of a desert, flames will extinguish faster than if they go down in dry grass or a wooded area where there are combustibles.
  10. Ok, so push it to a month. If you can’t fly at least once a month, then those who can deserve the benefit. Otherwise, what’s the point? I mean if I fly every day or twice a week, I shouldn’t fade as fast as someone who flys once every two months should I? If you’re going to inflict a handicap, then it should be balanced by a reward.
  11. It could stand to be more like 0, 200, 0 for more contrast instead of the 0, 255, 0 which washes out pretty easily.
  12. For GBU-12s you only lase the last 12-15 seconds before impact. Same for the new GBU-54s. That’s only a minute of use over four drops. AGM-65Ls require a bit longer lase time as do the new rockets but still, you’re looking at maybe 30-40 seconds max per weapon (and honestly, IMO, the 65L should be lased by an off board entity so that it’s “Fire & Forget” for the Hog … self lasing means driving in uncomfortably close to targets.) I’ve flown several 3+ hour missions and never had a laser failure. I certainly never leave it on full time.
  13. If it will bleed or burn - CBU-87 If it will burst or melt - CBU-97
  14. I just cycled the sights really quickly and the computing sight was there.
  15. Same. If i really want a “selfie” I just hit F2
  16. Well, one instance would be CAS where you really only have two steerpoints: 1) Home Base 2) Your CP or Check In Point Neither of which really require anything more than your NAV system and certainly don’t need to be scrutinized like a target. Everything else is going to be fed to you in your AO by a JTAC or FAC(A) and if your TGP just floats in space between attack runs until you need to bring everything to bear, that’s really no big deal. Another might be Armed Recon where you’re only given a rough idea where to look so you’re going to be pretty much anchored and orbiting in one place and be heavy on TGP work scanning for bad guys. IF you’re given a target that’s co-located with a steerpoint, then all bets are off and you can slave everything to that point at will. Point is, it’s rare where you need to have every sensor slaved to one spot at all times so if one or two are “dangling” it’s really not a big deal. At least that’s how I see it.
  17. China Hat (on the throttle) Forward Short
  18. I wasn’t really clear, sorry... You need 7m/s surface wind to “force” an airport to use a particular runway if the one you want for sure has an ILS. The calm wind runway in use may not actually have one.
  19. Time to put Bunyap back to work! On The Range 2!!
  20. My cheat sheet says DMS RIGHT SHORT = Cycle TAD Center Option Not sure what that means though.
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