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  1. Try selecting the 38s as a profile via DMS instead and see what you get.
  2. Are you selecting your weapon profile via DMS Left/Right with HUD as SOI or are you just pressing the OSBs next to the weapons on the DSMS?
  3. Maneuver a little. GBU-38s and 31s can actually “go to sleep” if you fly straight and level too long (especially if you use autopilot.) Just turn five degrees one way and then back and they should go green RDY again.
  4. This... As an “every day use” weapon, I’m not all that enthralled with the L If self-lasing, you have to drive in uncomfortably close and I much prefer to “shoot & scoot” but the L is awesome with a JTAC or FAC(A) handling the designation.
  5. More importantly, neither will their Air Force customers who will be training on this to fly the real thing...
  6. Using the DSMS INV page is, I think, infinitely easier than using the Boat Switch.
  7. Didn’t have it in Hog2 pre Mod under the latest OB version. I have seen it off and on in Hog1 and yes, it’s been a running gun battle to get ED recognize it because it’s not always immediately reproduceable. Sometimes deleting / rebuilding the metashaders folder helps. Some say turning the setting for chimney smoke down to zero helps. Some say it’s related to whatever alchemy nVidia is doing with their drivers. But nothing concrete has ever been nailed down to the best of my knowledge.
  8. Definitely could use more luminance value.
  9. Warehouse has munitions via Mission Editor? Which aircraft?
  10. Airfield belongs to your coalition? Not Bad Guys? Not Neutral?
  11. Definitely makes nice, rich columns of smoke from burning vehicles... Does the OP (or anyone) have any suggestions regarding the TGP "White Out" / "Black Out" that occurs depending on whether you're in WHOT or BHOT?
  12. RWY 5 is the "Calm Wind Runway" at Incirlik in DCS. Unless the surface winds force a change to RWY 23, the ILS is probably hot on RWY 5.
  13. You should only lase in the terminal phase .. like the last 12-15 seconds before impact.
  14. It was addressed in another post as a function to zoom the map rapidly to your SPI.
  15. Oh, yeah. Like that feature!
  16. Emmy

    HUD Sampling

    I think the point being made is that HUDs do not refresh smoothly like a TV or Computer screen. Their update or refresh rate is on the order of 10fps or so and they skip numbers as they "catch up" with the data stream.
  17. The intersection sign should read the other way. As it is, it's telling you you're at the departure end of 27 when you're actually at RWY 9.
  18. Or just turn the map off and back to where you had it would be handy...
  19. https://www.cfr.org/global-conflict-tracker/conflict/civil-war-syria
  20. If you search “DCS A10C AAR” on YouTube, you’ll get about 300 choices. Nothing about the process has changed with A10C2
  21. I’m with Falcon. Just want to know what the heck it’s supposed to do?
  22. This video doesn’t prove anything about how the pilot sees it as this is either a direct feed being recorded or it’s the HUD camera which never moves relative to the display on the combiner glass. Personally, I find the current HUD lightyears ahead of where it was in Hog 1 prior to the release of Hog 2. I can see every piece of data without excessive head movement. If this is what we get, I’m good with it.
  23. Used to have both but our vSquadron is 100% OB so I blew out Stable.
  24. FWIW, it will eventually all become so second nature that you will lose the ability to describe how things are done. There are many functions that I have to actually stop and draw a diagram if I'm going to try and explain it because so much is deeply ingrained now and I just DO IT without thinking. Hang in there...
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