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  1. Iran Air used to operate 747SPs. Now THAT would be a unique mod!
  2. Outstanding performance by your team. One of the big highlights of the day! Bravo!
  3. By this logic, the M2000 should also do this but I don’t recall it ever being reported.
  4. Our 476th vFG Nevada FLIP covers 2011... http://www.476vfightergroup.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=405
  5. In Wags’ IFF video, he hit the Emergency Jettison to drop his tanks so is it possible you punched off ALL your ordinance? It’s not Selective Jettison, yet...
  6. SP is where I’ve been experiencing this.
  7. The weak left brake is a known / reported thing...
  8. Ok, so my Viper mapping is like this: - Numbers 1 to 0 are pretty self explanatory... (and yes, they function as just numbers once you're in a DED menu) - The "STEER" rocker at the left edge of the UFC is my IPC "Rocker" - Enter = Enter - FUNC = RCL - IDM = LIST - COM 1 = COM 1 - COM SEC = COM 2 - COM2 = A-A Mode - ECCM = A-G Mode - DATA Rocker = DOBBER UP/DOWN - INTEN Rocker = DOBBER RET / SEQ That's how I have it right now and it's working great!
  9. I’ll try to whip up a list .. Stand By
  10. Subscribing. I’ve noticed the same thing. TGP won’t return to its original terrestrial waypoint track.
  11. This is exactly what I was trying to express... Full Rudder to stay on the runway (forget the centerline) while taking off in calm conditions. And no, I don’t need anywhere near as much rudder in the Hog, Hornet or Tomcat.
  12. Seriously, just accept that you got bested by a 3rd party, man up, and pay a fair licensing fee for SRS. The potential growing pains that will come from starting from scratch literally makes my stomach hurt.
  13. The Viper is really (too?) squirrelly on the runway. I’ve seen RL ops and I’ve never seen an F-16 wandering down the runway like a drunken sailor. Just feels like it’s on ice skates and not rubber tires.
  14. Took a little pre-figuring, but my UFC is working very well as a Viper ICP!
  15. Ability to set aircraft speeds in IAS that takes altitude and temperature into account...
  16. Per the title, how often will the Viper Manual be updated?
  17. To me, it doesn’t feel like the Viper is planted on pavement at all. On the takeoff roll, it seems to want to wander off the centerline on its own (NWS Off) and even in relatively benign conditions it takes way too much rudder to drag it back off the edge of the runway. This is a trait that a “Nose Dragger” should not exhibit until the nose wheel comes off the ground. Then (and only then) should the jet even think about trying to weather vane into the wind. There are times it feels like it’s torque steering with the longitudinal axis still aligned with the runway but the jet is sliding to one side as the power comes up. It’s like it’s “tippy toeing” along without significant mass pressing down on the gear.
  18. The reduced rates with the gear down “feel” too sluggish. No Curves on a TMWH and it takes practically full throw to influence roll and/or pitch. Hope this gets tweaked some so there’s a bit more authority.
  19. Pretty sure the devs are aware of this and that it’s a priority fix...
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