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  1. Obviously something isn’t bound correctly.
  2. Pre-Dive .. Develop a consistent picture of where the target is relative to an arc from your 12 to your 3 or 9 (depending which way you’re going to tip in on the target) For instance: If you set up your offset such that the target hits your leading edge right at your .50 cal machine guns but your dive ends up being too shallow or too steep, then you know you want the target to hit your leading edge closer to the wing root or outboard your .50 cals Developing a consistent sight picture will lead to more consistent attacks. I fly the A-10C almost exclusively and I can easily perform a 30- or 20- degree dive bomb attack because I know from experience where I want my target relative to its height above my canopy rail and where it comes into view against my canopy bow. If I put my target in those same points every time, then I know my attacks will be the same every time. Practice, practice, practice!
  3. Hitting DMS LEFT LONG? That does turn the HMCS off / on
  4. Feature... They are set this way in real life by the crew chief before the pilot mounts up.
  5. If you go to an event like Oshkosh where some of the absolute best maintained warbirds show up, there's very little "struggle" to get any of them started. Couple two or three blades maybe and they come to life.
  6. Not yet but the “Let us at the .lua” mumbles are starting.
  7. Worn =/= Poorly Maintained Properly maintained compass won’t froth.
  8. I see there is a second page of HMCS parameters related to its boresight and the occlusion zone. They don’t appear to do anything right now, but will they eventually? Rather than a hack or code-induced workaround, the ability to alter the elevation of the HMCS display by just raising your chin a bit and recalibrating the HMCS zeroing would be sweet!
  9. The third clip is probably the most accurate. I’ve been fortunate to attend about a half dozen live fire training sessions at the Barry Goldwater Range near Gila Bend, AZ. There are three distinct sounds when the GAU-8 does its thing: 1) Rounds exiting the barrel break the sound barrier and there’s a “string of firecrackers” going off 2) Rounds impacting the target 3) That awesome throaty MOAN The timing between 2 and 3 depends on distance to target. If you ever get the chance to attend a live fire exercise or to visit a gunnery range, do NOT pass it up!
  10. Are you sure you’re not pressing DMS LEFT LONG which blanks / unblanks the HMCS?
  11. I’ve done it early and late in the start sequence and can’t say I’ve seen any difference. I don’t think it matters.
  12. There are: Lies Damn Lies Statistics
  13. Emmy

    Members age?

    59 going on 15 according to my wife...
  14. I think you're right regarding the No Audio thing.
  15. SOP at Nellis is to use 3L/3R for departure when carrying live ordinance. Preferred recovery runways are 21R/21L. Been out there in real life with a pretty good breeze out of the SE and they still used 3L/3R when headed to the ranges.
  16. AFAIK, the two main things the A-10C got via the release of the A-10C2 are: - Proper arrangement of the MFCDs at start (which people can re-arrange at will) - Flight Model tweak which allows the pilot to squeeze out a bit more performance in turning maneuvers as it relates to AOA and The Tone / Chopped Tone. IOW, you should find that you can pull a bit more aggressively without the wing drop near stall. Some of the Cold and Dark switchology may have been changed as well. There may be others but I've been so into the Hog2 that I haven't gone back to try Hog1
  17. See my reply to your other post... However, most Hog Drivers prefer manual control over their flightplan.
  18. On the UFC... Function + 5 = Flightplan Management You should see MAN next to an OSB on the upper left. Hit that and it should change to AUTO. Function + 0 will take you back to steering info on the CDU
  19. You get away from IFFCC by going TMS Long Aft which should take you back to STPT and then you’re free to slave all and you should be back on track.
  20. Let’s call it “Discriminating” … We know what we like.
  21. A-10C MFCDs now are correct per SMEs and are the same in the A-102
  22. Try selecting the 38s as a profile via DMS instead and see what you get.
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