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  1. Depends on where and with whom you fly...
  2. Simplicity. It’s a jet you have to actually fly and not just “manage.”
  3. Standard Day .. No Wind .. Observation shows that taking off to the Southwest is the preferred direction on a calm day. Syrian MiG 21s start from the ramp at "A" but instead of just taxiing along the parallel taxiway to "B" and departing, they taxied ALL the way to "C" Strikes me as a less than stellar use of airport real estate. (And really, on a calm day, they should be able to depart to the Northeast)
  4. You can "soft lock" your wingman with TMS UP SHORT and it will not affect your SPI
  5. At least “Thermal” means it will be warm and fuzzy... :music_whistling:
  6. When you’re carrying multiple missiles on each side, remaining locked to the target on the same side is intentional. The thinking is that you’ll want to just nudge the seeker to another nearby target in order to Ripple Rifle Mavericks into the same area on one pass. Our SOP in the 76th vFS is to only ripple IF carrying two per side (and no TGP) where you don’t want the next available Maverick to boresight because the Maverick is your only optical sensor.
  7. Plus “Bitching Betty” is currently NFG and ED are aware.
  8. The “Master Warning” sound has been determined to be inaccurate. That beeping sound only plays in real life while the gear is in transit. In the real jet, per SMEs, only the caution light flashes with no accompanying sound.
  9. This is why (I think) it's better to work with Markpoints -> Steerpoint whenever possible as the TGP will stay right where you put it and not wander off Point Track. (Unless, obviously, you’re dealing with a moving target...)
  10. It was definitely a thing in the old Hog. Always had to reach back and "depress" the TACAN volume to mute it or else it would drive you nuts. Same with the ILS volume.
  11. Dude, I have one... But the HOTAS bindings are faster and I can switch modes without looking.
  12. Sounds like you could get better performance out of TrackIR with a little help on setting Axis Ratios, Curves, Dead Zone, etc... Great video by Jabbers:
  13. Check the Clock Icon at the bottom of the ME screen. You might be in a time period where the “2” wasn’t actually available.
  14. But if you set STPT on the HUD then you can Slave All to any of four distinct things... It can be a Waypoint It can be a Markpoint It can be a Mission Point It can be something Hooked on your TAD I’ve developed two reflexive things with this new HOTAS arrangement: - Put the TGP in INR after each attack so it stays in the general area I’m working - Put the HUD back to STPT so that it’s always referencing my chosen STPT Generator. Having the ability to easily change from Waypoint to Markpoint to Mission Point is invaluable. I have it bound to Coolie Hat Left / Forward / Right respectively with the Paddle Switch as a modifier.
  15. I have the Steer Pt select knob bound thusly: Holding the Paddle Switch as a Modifier... Coolie Hat Left Selects Flight Plan Coolie Hat Forward (down) Selects Mark Points Coolie Hat Right Selects Mission Points I realize this is not the same as being able to put them on an axis and virtually "turn the knob" but the above positions are selectable as binding choices...
  16. Is your HMCS centered right on where you want the SPI? If your intended location is off to the edge, the system will "approximate" the location.
  17. I feel like there’s a slight mis-match between FOV Boresight and HMCS Boresight. In my case (2D Track IR), with my head position correct, I have to raise my chin just a little bit to see the full HMCS raster. I also catch glimpses of the HMCS within the area that should be occluded. There are Boresight tools on the 2nd page of the HMCS screen on the right MFCD but I don’t think they do anything (yet?)
  18. There is a Page 2 under the STATS -> HMCS display on the right MFCD. AFAIK, these OSBs don’t do anything (yet?) but perhaps there’s a tie in or there will be between these OSBs and what’s on the chart?
  19. You have reached DCS Enlightenment! :thumbup:
  20. If you set it to Invisible, it’s only so to the bad guys. Your side can still see it.
  21. You’re kind of suggesting that ED are not playing things straight for some undisclosed reason other than “It’s WIP” so that comes off as conspiratorial. I’m willing, at this point, to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’ve been made aware for quite some time now that SADL doesn’t show everything it should but it will probably never show everything it can given that the A-10 (both versions) are born of paid contracts with a very important client. Obviously, I hope ED will eventually give us as much as they possibly can.
  22. They should adjust with the same sensitivity, yes.
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