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  1. Yup... Figured that out. So the READ ME is wrong then.
  2. While it should probably be in the HMCS, you do have closure rate on your HUD (769) just below the distance read out in the lower right corner.
  3. At what resolution are you running your MFCDs?
  4. Also, be sure the cursor for the Maverick is within the "Key Hole" so you are inside proper firing parameters.
  5. And if you download our NTTR Mission, then all the points shown on the charts are already in the CDU... http://www.476vfightergroup.com/down...do=file&id=403 And if you install our Range mod, then all the ranges in the NTTR (and I do mean all...) will be populated with the actual objects as they are laid out in the real world: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/down...do=file&id=287
  6. It's definitely sticky on the ground. With full aft trim, the nose seems like it gets a little light, but it still takes a pretty good pull to rotate. Once the nose is off the ground though, she'll want to nearly loop if you don't push and trim after liftoff. The A-10 does sit slightly nose low on her gear though. Slight natural negative AOA.
  7. Any particular reason why this mod might inhibit "Push To Talk" via the normally mapped button on a Warthog Throttle? When I install this mod, I'm not able to control the radios in the A-10C2. The radio menus do not appear. When I disable this mod (from my Root Folder via OVGME) the push to talk functions return. Any insights appreciated. Helluva mod though... Nice Work!
  8. Morse Code ON/OFF and Volume are on the left just aft of VHF-FM. It is in the OFF position by default so you have to click it and spin it to hear it. Same with the TACAN Morse Code knob. Pretty sure the little “nib” on the power ring on the control head on the right side does point to the correct power state.
  9. Correct... Best Bet: 10-digit grid entered as a Mission Point and referencing that as your STPT.
  10. You shouldn’t even have to touch TMS if you are in STPT. Start on the MP you want to attack first and pickle when comfortably in range. Then just DMS UP .. Pickle .. DMS UP .. Pickle .. etc. Starting at 5nm, you should be able to get off at least four comfortably.
  11. You've got "handles" on the MFCDs for Brightness, Contrast, Symbology, etc. IRL, nothing in an aircraft that is shared will probably ever be exactly the way YOU want it so there will be some fiddling required. Even in a simple C172 you'll need to tweak seat height, radio volume, lighting, display brightness, throttle / mixture tension, etc. It's part of life as a pilot.
  12. Pretty sure it was something related to the “Prepare Mission” function that needed to be removed. Not sure precisely what though.
  13. Well, we can see AI-flown jets all day long.
  14. A-10 (1 or 2) simply can’t see human-flown allied jets. Been mentioned. Been asked about. Been pointed out. it’s just not a thing (yet)
  15. The thing is, pilots wear “finger lights” so it’s not something that’s even aircraft specific. It’s kit for every tactical pilot.
  16. TMS L SHORT will cancel. Generally, when you get “NOTE” in the HUD, you have a small white pop up message on your MFCDs.
  17. Nothing unusual here. Just flew an ILS into Creech last night after finding my way back via 87X.
  18. I’ve noticed the same behavior. I’ve had to re-fire the laser because it shut itself off (in latch mode) before impact. But remember: The laser seeker can see the end of the laser 8nm from you at all times regardless of your distance to the target. Be sure you’re not firing the weapon beyond 8nm slant range on the TGP.
  19. It stands for Integrated Flight & Fire Control Computer. But if you’re asking why, when you’re in that mode on the HUD, your SPI can be a very long ways away, I’m honestly not sure. With HUD SOI, TMS AFT LONG should get you out of it and back to STPT and then you should be back to being able to set SPI with whichever SOI you prefer.
  20. “On The Range” by Bunyap Sims on YouTube is still relevant and worth a look.
  21. Re:.#3 … If it’s the same as LAT/LON entry in the Viper, only East requires a leading zero. West should not.
  22. Of course you could always just put Bullseye up on the HUD and always know where you are.
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