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  1. Fore and Aft "Long" cycles the profiles
  2. If you fly straight and level for too long, GBU-38s, GBU-31s and GBU-54s can “go to sleep” on you. It’s a good practice to waggle your wings a bit or make slight turns so they stay awake. If they “nod off” and you attempt to pickle, you’ll get an abort.
  3. The TGP on the A-10 (either flavor) has never been able to see any farther than about 43nm.
  4. Yes, that is what I'm saying...
  5. One thing I find helps is to work attacks using Markpoints wherever possible and prosecuting attacks in STPT Mode where you can just Slave All Relying on the TGP can be frustrating and disappointing if it Gimbal Rolls or jumps off the target at a critical point.
  6. The Hog 2 can see both A2A and A2G SPIs from AI-flown friendly jets but not human-flown.
  7. Try again but target the middle of the column of vehicles...
  8. Are you on a Neutral Base? Are there weapons in the warehouse?
  9. The nice thing about the radios in the Hog is that you can have presets on all three radios and still have three manual frequencies to flop to at will so you could conceivably bounce among six sources fairly easily.
  10. And it’s all in writing, publicly available here: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=376
  11. Emmy

    Wheel chocks

    I’d settle for an animated CC that, when told to pull chocks, disappears under the jet for a couple of secs and then comes back out with the chocks over his shoulder, gives you a salute, steps aside and away you go. It really doesn’t need to be the “dance” you get on the carrier because it’s not that much if a team effort just from parking.
  12. I was one who experienced this in the Hog-1. Aggressive maneuvering into a dive to spoof an SA-8 shut down one engine and knocked several other systems offline including making my INS go stupid. Had this happen on two separate occasions. At no time did I put negative Gs on the jet. ie, I did not “push” into the dive. Now rolling hard into the dive may have put negative Gs on one engine, but I do not recall if the engine that quit on me was on the outside of the maneuver or the inside. I’m positive it would not have been of a sufficient duration to snuff an engine
  13. I don’t think the JTAC has GBU-54, AGM-65L or Laser Rockets in his vocabulary. He just can’t say them so you get “……”
  14. The laser is limited to a range of 8nm so don’t try to fire at AGM65D ranges or you will come up short. note that the 65L will always only see 8nm of range on its MFCD (it’s seeing the end of the laser) unless and until you’re at or inside 8nm on the TGP or from a steerpoint.
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