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  1. Emmy

    Wheel chocks

    I’d settle for an animated CC that, when told to pull chocks, disappears under the jet for a couple of secs and then comes back out with the chocks over his shoulder, gives you a salute, steps aside and away you go. It really doesn’t need to be the “dance” you get on the carrier because it’s not that much if a team effort just from parking.
  2. I was one who experienced this in the Hog-1. Aggressive maneuvering into a dive to spoof an SA-8 shut down one engine and knocked several other systems offline including making my INS go stupid. Had this happen on two separate occasions. At no time did I put negative Gs on the jet. ie, I did not “push” into the dive. Now rolling hard into the dive may have put negative Gs on one engine, but I do not recall if the engine that quit on me was on the outside of the maneuver or the inside. I’m positive it would not have been of a sufficient duration to snuff an engine
  3. I don’t think the JTAC has GBU-54, AGM-65L or Laser Rockets in his vocabulary. He just can’t say them so you get “……”
  4. The laser is limited to a range of 8nm so don’t try to fire at AGM65D ranges or you will come up short. note that the 65L will always only see 8nm of range on its MFCD (it’s seeing the end of the laser) unless and until you’re at or inside 8nm on the TGP or from a steerpoint.
  5. Yup... Figured that out. So the READ ME is wrong then.
  6. While it should probably be in the HMCS, you do have closure rate on your HUD (769) just below the distance read out in the lower right corner.
  7. At what resolution are you running your MFCDs?
  8. Also, be sure the cursor for the Maverick is within the "Key Hole" so you are inside proper firing parameters.
  9. And if you download our NTTR Mission, then all the points shown on the charts are already in the CDU... http://www.476vfightergroup.com/down...do=file&id=403 And if you install our Range mod, then all the ranges in the NTTR (and I do mean all...) will be populated with the actual objects as they are laid out in the real world: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/down...do=file&id=287
  10. It's definitely sticky on the ground. With full aft trim, the nose seems like it gets a little light, but it still takes a pretty good pull to rotate. Once the nose is off the ground though, she'll want to nearly loop if you don't push and trim after liftoff. The A-10 does sit slightly nose low on her gear though. Slight natural negative AOA.
  11. Any particular reason why this mod might inhibit "Push To Talk" via the normally mapped button on a Warthog Throttle? When I install this mod, I'm not able to control the radios in the A-10C2. The radio menus do not appear. When I disable this mod (from my Root Folder via OVGME) the push to talk functions return. Any insights appreciated. Helluva mod though... Nice Work!
  12. Morse Code ON/OFF and Volume are on the left just aft of VHF-FM. It is in the OFF position by default so you have to click it and spin it to hear it. Same with the TACAN Morse Code knob. Pretty sure the little “nib” on the power ring on the control head on the right side does point to the correct power state.
  13. Correct... Best Bet: 10-digit grid entered as a Mission Point and referencing that as your STPT.
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