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  1. If you are talking about Rudder pedals.. then it gets expensive quick... the Thrust master rudder pedals (the 80$ ones that go with the t1600m) are bad when it comes to being smooth... If it was modified and ran on some ball bearings that it would be much better … but my spring broke and then other parts on it broke... so it was junk.. I modded mine for a makeshift throttle/brake pedal until my 1000$ pedals arrived... Buy well made products otherwise it will just be a pain in the … at least in my experience.
  2. Thrust master has great hotas setup stick/throttle combo. Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller VKB sim- Gladiator a great hotas stick for 100.00 you will still need throttle if you want all the HOTAS THROTTLE. The stick has a throttle on it... but very basic. The Thrustmaster warthog throttle/stick has been bullet proof and going 3 years of many ours w/o a hitch... it has been solid.
  3. Thanks Honestly though, my track IR was quite jittery compared to all the other planes... but perhaps It was just a setting or something else.... Anyone else notice this ? Also the "Jester" was working a bit odd...
  4. So I had been on vacation, and placed 3 of the new fighter jets in my online Cart, and couldn't remember if I purchased them or not... I signed in and there was the F-14 flyable in all it's Glory... missions ect. The Jester thing was not working the way it should... not sure why but... either way, I was able to test it out for 1 eve. I was Tired from the vacation and such so I only played around with it for about 1 hour. Then I was like what ? I don't see it as purchased on my list of modules? Anyway, now DCS says it is no Legit and is disabled, so it says as I did not actually purch
  5. Tpod dies not work now..... as it will switch from TPOD to the built in TV mounted on the aircraft... MAJOR suck... This after the latest update....
  6. Even with the fix, it is very difficult to see aircraft up close and personal, when vertical.
  7. Irritating to say the least fore me...... Not only has the latest patch has completely made the game unplayable....( I have best setup possible) and it can't run for crap... Not to mention I have 2-GPU cards that run in crossfire for ALL NEW GAMES.... FLAWLESS...... And it will make a HUGE improvement on the game FPS and I can turn everything on full.... but I don't have a 4k monitor or a ultrawide screen.... but... still if this DCS could get a Crossfire and other (not sure what Nvida calls it nowdays) up and running......would help... because yes.... it is a old Single threaded game t
  8. Would like to know how you feel about the tanker pilots in this sim? Would like to know if a real life tanker could pull the same game that the AI pilot does in this sim? Example "you think you are all lined up to get some fuel?? , well I am going to pull up away from your f15c just enough, so the fuel boom doesn't reach the tank and every time you try to pull up to meet it, I am going to keep doing it!" I used the example of a friend driving the car away from you just as you try to get into the vehicle, he drives forward 1 foot!>... :lol::megalol: Except I would pull him
  9. So you are Happy with the way the pilot flies the Tanker???? It reminds me of when my friends would wait for someone to try to get into a car, and JUST WHEN the person is attempting to open the door to get in, the driver PULLS AWAY....LOLOL It is like some SICK joke..... Fly at the ideal distance and when you get close the ****ER pulls up and away... and then the BOOM operator, doesn't have a LONG enough stick to get it into the ****ing fuel tank..... Jack ass driver...... (can you tell I just spent an hour trying to refuel my f15 while on a mission and failed)
  10. I believe the F/A 18c will be shipped with basic flight controls and min. combat readiness. Not a bad thing, but sometimes it is good to know, so expectations will be realistic.
  11. I preordered.... I also have almost all the modules.... so for me, I don't mind. latest for me: harrier AV-8B. I feel this one could wait until lots of things were fixed before Beta release. Sometimes PRE order, and Beta doesn't really live up to expectations. I think I would have waited with the harrier, until it was sorted better.... but one doesn't know until they get some seat time... the issues at hand. Just something to think about.
  12. All right the cool switch didn’t do anything for making the Mavericks work any better in general and Nevada the Mavericks have a hell of a time locking up the mobile Sam trucks they lock and everything else quite easily but for some reason the trucks are really difficult maybe there some sort of anti-reflective material or something like that but that was my biggest issue is I can lock everything else like at 9 to 10 miles, but with those trucks barely at 6 to 5 miles or closer. This was even with the A-10c, And they are stupid easy to get locked up at a distance usually so something wi
  13. Full throttle gives you 110% perhaps it is too much for it? But repair is repair.. period. Broken, wore out, bearing scraping, fin wobbling, engine should be fixed good as new, when repair is done. I didn’t know that full throttle would hurt the engine, perhaps it should state so in the upcoming fixes?
  14. The “cool” switch has to be on in order for the Mavericks to work properly I did not know that . I thought that was just for the sidewinders. FYI YouTube “RED KITE”has got some awesome videos on how to use the AV 88
  15. Had to post it like this ... it wouldn't upload?? --- Log file: C:\Users\kochr\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openalpha\autoupdate_templog.txt === Log opened UTC 2017-12-09 22:12:13 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.16299; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "E:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\DCS_updater.exe" STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: E:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openalpha INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,NEVADA_terrain,WWII-ARMOUR,SPITFIRE-MKIX,F-5E,RAZBAM_M-2000C,BF-109K4,UH-1H,A-10C,FC3,CA,P-51D,KA-50,MAPLEFLAG_F5E_BFM_campaign,A10C-REDFLA
  16. Min will not work after update last night autoupdate_templog.txt
  17. Nada for me so it’s not working not yet
  18. My view. The pod doesn’t work right now. It doesn’t lock anything up and I can’t lock up any ground targets for bombing. Jabbers YouTube vids were in NAVADA, so I’m guessing totally different plane at a dif stage of development there. We all love the way the a10c works but so far the sensors on this bird are non existent. It isn’t finished product by any means. Be patient it will get there eventually. I think I would be happy with an exact copy of the a10c setup.
  19. Purchased the bird, but will not show up as a download option in DCS in game module mgr.... Never had an issue like this before.. and I have almost ALL the modules... so I am not new to this setup. Any advice? Apologize if this is the wrong place to ask.
  20. hmm I like my TM WH .... so far, and have not longing for more... Perhaps my joystick is the reason why it is so hard to refuel in air..??? or is it because the f'ing AI driver keeps moving around and can't fly straight and level and at a speed that isn't about to stall ALL AIRCRAFTS known to man? no...it must be the flight stick I will try my twist grip VBK next and see if it is any better.... (fairly sure the result will be the same.... just sayn..)
  21. Sign me up please (Hermit 713) Is my signature F 86 please. I just purchased both the Mig 15 and F 86 last week in the sale so go easy on me
  22. Mig15vs f86.... says 1800 as the time... I live in Minnesota USA. Not sure what time that equates to. Would like to enter just want to make sure that when I'm done at 4pm wrk,I can still do it in the event Also how do you check my ping with your server so that I know that my speed is good to go? Thanks guys
  23. Bitmaster, I have not tried any overclocking the 7700k yet, but is yours a lotto chip (1.33 volts) or is that average voltage to get the board stable @5.0 ghtz? I saw a guy returning his chips until he got one that was a center bake lottery winner( over clocked with very little over voltage). Delidding seem easy to do with big rewards with 20deg Celsius cooler running chip. But honestly the chip has been working great the way it is
  24. The recent update of DCS really made some fantastic fixes IMHO..
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