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  1. note for that cpu u have to go with z370 chipset, i have it and it is ok cpu for dcs, 60 fps all high on any map, low, high, city no city, i get always 60 fps which is good i think.
  2. Patience, fix will come for sure knowing ED.. we just merged and what follows after that? bugs ;):):music_whistling:
  3. I have 16 gb ddr 4 and dcs runes 60 fps almost all high/synced. 1080p So i am shure 16 gb is enough for time being and also do not forget more optimization is on the way for dcs2.5 win1064bit/I3 8350k@4.5Ghz/16gb Kinston predator 3000/Evga 1060 sc 6gb/Asus rog strix gamer g/2x250gb Samsung evo ssd. I think you are good to go with that specs..
  4. I get same slow loading at the beginning of mp but when is loaded all ok, fps no glitches, smooth gameplay. Also 16 gb gets full while loading but for me no crashes.
  5. hi well after install i had crashes like right away when i tried to open DCS. I run repair through cmd, it did not fix, second time i run repair but from : start, eagle dynamics and repair, that did it for me..hope it helps.:music_whistling:
  6. i have same problem but only when i load server mission for first time, it take long time to load but once is loaded everything seems to be ok.
  7. ok it did solve my problem second time running repair.
  8. Hi I updated game from 2.1 to 2.5. install went smooth no problem there. Now i start game and it crashes right away, it does not want to load anything. for info win 10 64bit with latest updates. I hope i don´t have to reinstall all over again. Is there anything i can do? i tried repairing it but nothing.:joystick: dcs.log-20180131-204007.zip dcs.log-20180131-202620.zip
  9. Hi Gary I do not have M2000module nor Harier so i can not test it. These numbers i get with A10C and f15 in 2.2 World. In cockpit.
  10. I have nvidia 1060 6.gb EVGA SC, 16gb ram ddr 4 3000mhz i3 8350K / 4ghz, mobo Asus rog strix g z370. Runs latest Nvidia drivers and in game settings are all high and get constant around 96fps when taxing, when in air it goes above like 110,120,100..goes up and down it depends what i do...
  11. pre ordered, bit pricey but hey such a great sim must support it. can not wait for my f18 to be delivered to my hangar.
  12. Hi I just got I3 8350k and runs superb on Asus MB/Strix G version. For ddr slots they Asus recommends that u place one in A2 and another stick of mem. on B2 slot that way u get duall mode. My mobo is also 370 and works like charm...
  13. cmon man u should be flying with no hesitation, are you a pilot or no. For example i had 0 hours practice in f15 before i got DCS..and yet i am flying like champ regardless of no practice in real f15..be brave :))
  14. Hi, yes you can open up ur game and go to multiplayer, and you will be presented with all servers there are and there is Aerobatic server, click on it and have fun!
  15. Is there gonna be 1 seater..sorry not familiar with the plane?
  16. Thank both of you for answers and i must say cloning is good option!
  17. Like title says is it possible or will it work if i place dcs on external hd? Sorry if asked before but i just could not find it anywhere.. I have at the moment only 128gb but it is sdd..just it is too small. I have now dcs installed with 3 module and nothing else on hdd but i am almost full. I would exchange my current hdd(laptop) but on it is my licensed win 10 which i do not want to loose that is whay i am trying to figure it out will it work or no. If someone knows about this issue, be kind and share it with me.. Thank you.
  18. ok i installed mod but my IC on multiplyr becomes red, it does not pass IC. So my question is why most servers are not using it? Thx..
  19. I would like to see full model(clickable) of f15C, also all other modules of fc3 and than move on with other projects..
  20. Thx man for answer, yea I tought maybe I get upgrade but since not my next module will be A10-c..
  21. Hi all I have BS1 and in my lobby where all modules are it shows up upgrade to BS2! So can I upgrade it stillor it is not anymore available, thx?
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