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  1. I’m revising the concerns I had before stepping into vr. As I had no friends who owe vr headsets I only used it twice before in arcades and wasn’t sure how well it’s going to work with DCS. I did my research on this forum. I found that some of us who owe headsets still fly using screens because eye candy is more important for them than immersion. I figured out that there is no way I can be 100% certain that VR is for me. I took my chances and bought Rift S. My overall impression is overwhelmingly positive. Now I fly exclusively in VR. There is no way I’m going back. The biggest thing fo
  2. Thanks. I'll definitely give this two possible solutions a go and report back. Dive-bombing is no joke. Requires a lot of practice.
  3. Does this mean that this is how it's going to be? Is there a way to report this to ED?
  4. Iv been practicing dive bombing lately, using "unlimited ammo" mode. After I drop the 4 SC50 bombs they reappear on the pylon, but I'm not able to drop them again. SC-500(the big bomb) works well. The smaller SC50 bombs only have this bug. In both cases the light bulb indicator on the bomb panel doesn't light up. Is there something I can do to make it work?
  5. I got Rift S as my first headset. I was waiting for the Reverb but with the mixed reviews and low availability I decided to wait no more and pulled the trigger on Rift S. It was the only gen 1.5 option available on the market in my country. And that's how I stepped into the vr world. I would probably wait some more if I was upgrading.
  6. I share your pain, country of origin and your specs. After yesterdays Wags first impressions I decided to pull the trigger on the reverb. I'll be on the watchout and report if I'll be able to order. Please do let me know if you know something more first.
  7. They say that FOV in the Index depends on your head shape and how close you can get the screen to your eyes. Overall I dont think its going to be a significant difference. From DCS standpoint Index and RIft S screens will be very similar as you pointed. Im not ordering anything untill HP will be tested with DCS. Has anyone done the math on the PPD for Reverb?
  8. From what I understand its that 1440 in Rift S specification is height. In valves Index 1440 is Width. The height of valve index is 1600. thats why they dont match up. Valves panel is slightly wider and taller.
  9. My bad. To understand it better I made a quick comparison of resolutions. Resolution alone doesn't make a good headset, though.
  10. My guess is 'no', we are still waiting for the new terrain fix but rather not for some time. 120Hz is the accual max latency for now. 144 they are still working on as stated in this reviev. I recomend watching this material by 'tested'. Most comprehesive information for now.
  11. The clarity is probably going to be the same as the rift s, as the additional horizontal resolution will be strettched for the needs of the additional FOV. Its not going to help you with spotting targers but still its going to mae a more immersive experiance on the Index part. Im all there for the tests.
  12. Im no expert on this but... Yes, its going to be less resolution on the Rift part. Index is 1440×1600 two panels for each eye, Oculus is a single panel of 2560x1440. Correct me if im wrong but having 3200 of horizontal resolution is better than having 2560 in the Rift S. + there is the mechanicaly adjustable IPD that goes with two screens that Index has.
  13. Yes, but I have to see the tests. I just got the new system RTX 2080ti, i9 9900k, 32GB 32000, M.2 Pro, last week. All this goodness and I wonder if its going to fly with the resolution of the headset. Now, how crazy is that? If DCS is not going to make it in Reverb(even after the terrain update) I'll reconsider the Index.
  14. I was waiting for the Valve index specyfication but after the announcement I'm back reading the HP thread again. In this sim we are never going to be able to utilise on better controller tracking not mentioning superior fps of the panels.
  15. Splendid. Im super excited for the Mig update.
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