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  1. Is the Hornet grip seen as a different controller in DCS from the standard Warthog joystick grip? I'd like to be able to switch back and forth between grips depending on which aircraft I want to fly, however I assume if the Hornet grip is not seen as unique from the standard grip, it would mean I have to re-assign the switches and buttons each time I switch grips?
  2. That's a fair suggestion. I went to nVidia's download section and did a driver search for my card - found I had been using driver 4141 version dated 11/20/2019. I updated to the latest WHQL version, 4587- dated 4/3/2020. FPS still at 61-62, but GPU usage is now at solid 100%, no longer fluctuating between 99-100%. I have also tried MSI Afterburner and increased both Core and Mem clocks by +200, but it makes no difference in my FPS.
  3. Thanks for that suggestion, Cy-27. I checked nVidia Control Panel and found I had made some changes to some settings for DCS. I took a snapshot of the settings for future reference and restored to default settings. My FPS improved to 62 FPS, still at 99-100% GPU usage.
  4. I have eVGA GTX 1080 Black Edition. INSTANT ACTION-Su-25T-Free Flight at MineraInye Voby, Preset=HIGH, MSAA=4x, 1920x1080, Vsync OFF: GPU usage is 99-100% and FPS is 61. I tried using RyzenMaster to do an all-core overclock to 3.9GHz, and saw no change in the numbers. Normally my 2700 sits at all-core clock of 3.35 MHz. I thought DCS was highly dependent on CPU speed so was surprised the overclock made no difference. I guess the 1080 is my bottleneck, no matter the clock setting of the 2700 CPU? My result is a little lower than I expected/hoped, with my 1080's performance between
  5. The P-38 in DCS would be incredible. Include me as a Day 1 purchaser. :thumbup:
  6. I have a Ryzen 2700, GTX 1080, and 32 Gb of DDR4 3200 RAM. I use hp Reverb and get 35-45 fps or under when on the ground (depending on map - Nevada seems hard on fps) and 50-60+ when at altitude. I did use Ryzen Master to disable SMT, and overclock to 3.9 Ghz with Vcore @1.39375V and Vsoc @1.15V. I have the standard Wraith Spire cooler, am my CPU temps remain under 70C, though sometime I remove the tempered glass side panel for better air circulation. I think your CPU and RAM are OK but the 2060 may be borderline for VR? gpu.userBenchmark shows the 1080 with about an 11% fps advanta
  7. I think they are a great option for you. I own Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals (same model as yours, they look unchanged since Logitech took over) and they have given me good service for 5+ years, with moderate usage. I also have a Warthog and find it to be a very satisfactory combination. Eventually I'd like those TM Pendular pedals, but that's another $500 - and I need to upgrade my system before spending that much on pedals.
  8. Definitely interested in an Replica F-16 throttle!
  9. I am an occasional VR user, and I recently visited the eye doctor (wanted a fresh prescription so I can purchase lens inserts for my next VR headset). I specifically asked him about VR and any possible long term eye damage from VR headset use. He was pretty noncommittal - I think there is just not that much research out there regarding the effects of long term VR use. Regarding blue light, I think he said the issue is the blue light disrupts the body's melatonin production, so it screws up our natural sleep/wake cycle. That's why newer tablets like the 6th gen iPad have the ability to cha
  10. I like VR alot, but I wouldn't want to go lower than my 1080. I think a 2070 or 2080 Super would handle it fine. I probably need to optimize settings more but I drop below 45 fps at busy fields. btw I had the same difficulty with TrackIR, using the hat clip. I build an IR LED clip using instructions I found online, and haven't had any trouble with TrackIR since. I did have to order a plastic clip to be made from a 3D printer, but the cost was less then $15. Probably < $10 for the other parts - IR LEDs, resistors, fuse. I had scrap wire to use and I cannibalized on old USB cable
  11. https://atwar.online/gawgci.php Doesn't seem to be updating - its been stuck at 00:24:17 mission time and none of the aircraft are changing positions.
  12. LOL. Right there with ya, Chief.
  13. Ah, I see. Thanks! I thought 2 base stations were needed for tracking? I don't do anything in VR except DCS, so no need to move around the room...
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