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  1. There are two types of body on the Huey. Short body and long body (bell 204 and bell 205) In US service the short bodies were gunships and the long bodies were troop carriers. The H is a long body which was used as both a slick and a gunship by Australian forces in Vietnam, using American armament systems used on the short bodies. To have a slick and a gunship in US service you would need 2 different helicopters. Because the short bodies are short, you need to put the guns next to the rockets. They don't have the row of seats behind the cockpit. And have sliding d
  2. If you are used to western helicopters then you may be wondering why the mi-8 has no torque gauge. and what do you use instead? This would be the Engine Pressure ratio gauge. (EPR) Also translated as the engine power indicator in the ka-50 (same gauge) Its a bit smarter than just a torque gauge as it uses outside temperature and outside pressure to tell you how much strain the engines are under based on local conditions (how much air each engine is compressing for combustion). it shows you power limits for cruise, max cruise and takeoff power. So balance the EPR with the PT
  3. Now that you mention that, I do vaguely remember reading that, many years ago.
  4. According to that interview with pilotmi8 we are getting Shturm first then Ataka later. without going into which versions. we will also get the R-60 (AA-8) later, So a full AA missile instead of a MANPAD (strela/igla) for a2a. They are also reworking the R-60 so the IR seeker can lock and engage ground targets. As apparently that was a thing on Russian service helicopters. We will have to wait for the official pre order for the actual version numbers.
  5. Does anyone know what ammo we will get in 30x165? Just HE-T? Or some of the more exotic ammo like APBC-T, APDS and APFSDS-T In a combat mix? Can the gunsight handle a combat mix? I say combat mix, because the gun does not have a dual feed system. like the 2a42.
  6. I think you are confused. I'm not agreeing with the sentiment of the OP. My first post clearly states I'm Happy with the mi-24 P.
  7. I don't want an apache. I have right eye dominance. which means I will need to drive around with a pair of women's panties on my head like Nicholas Cage.
  8. I was disappointed at first that we were not getting one with a turret. But I have since got over that disappointment. The GSh-30-2K has a rate of fire 300-2600 RPM and muzzle velocity of 940m/s compared to the Gau-8 3900 RPM and 1010m/s so its almost an A10 in a helicopter. the barrels in the GSh-30-2K are 2.4m long compared to the GSh-30-2 in the su-25 which are 1.5m why the K has extra muzzle velocity. And I have been firing the hueys front mini guns fixed for years because the co pilot never fires at the target I want him too. So I reckon I can hav
  9. you have 2 passwords. one for your ED ACCOUNT and another Account for the forum. make sure you use the right one in the right place. you need your ED logon for the game, not the forum logon. you can reset your ED password at the ED homepage, before you go into the forum. also check the username you are using. top right of the homepage.
  10. Jolly_pilot on youtube. Not instructional but some great footage of a search and rescue pilot flying pavehawks.
  11. I think we all expect too much from Automatic stuff from the 1980's I think we should be impressed it works at all. shkval first flew on the su-25t prototypes in 1983. the ka-50 in 1985. yes it's clunky solid state instead of modern micro electronics. it even has a good old cathode ray tube screen. and the software its using is primitive. its the age of the zx spectrum and BBC computer. for home computing in the UK. and rotary dial land line analogue telephones.. the fact a human can see something on the screen and the dumb machine cannot. sou
  12. The mi-24 is a stable gun platform. The wings, the position of the pods/cannon compared to the centre of gravity and its asymmetrical shape all mean its trimmed to have the nose pointing straight when you are going at attack speed. And when you fire the nose will not lift off target. As long as you fly at the correct speed. With the ball centred (in trim) then the mi-24 will shoot very accurately. With little muzzle climb. The mi-8 in comparison is pretty poorly trimmed for attack. When you fire the weapons it causes the nose to move a lot. Because the pods are off the centre o
  13. spring tension goes well with the borders campaign. they are like two tours in the same area. the locations of the bases change but you know the area by then. the moved bases also feels like time passing, between tours.
  14. it actually started with the beta that introduced the f-16 so before multicrew. if ED want to go back and check.
  15. The first time I used multicrew I had the main rotor separate 2 times where normally it would not. I was on a server in a different country and had a high ping, 160ish. so I assume it was that.
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