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  1. Never would have found that ,. Fixed the 1st issue on my hotos throttle by a file in the configaration directory called general was overoding my in game choices on the axis. Never used to have this much trouble. But hey ho,thanks again
  2. Thanks greyman, Game avionics mode was the trouble :pilotfly:
  3. tried easy and simulation modes, can launch from other planes such as harrier but fa18 wont work, no gears, no guns, no bombs
  4. Also assigned gear to F1 which works changing the view, the gear fails to operate
  5. === Log opened UTC 2019-10-09 17:45:54 2019-10-09 17:45:53.817 INFO DCS: Command line: "C:\Games\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin/DCS.exe" 2019-10-09 17:45:53.817 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.18362) 2019-10-09 17:45:53.842 INFO DCS: Hwid: Te6mJyHJJEJVK3rW8H5S5dFRqe8a3Nj5Smn_5w 2019-10-09 17:45:53.842 INFO DCS: DCS revision: 156983 2019-10-09 17:45:53.842 INFO DCS: Renderer revision: 19261 2019-10-09 17:45:53.842 INFO DCS: Terrain revision: 19517 2019-10-09 17:45:53.842 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 4, threads: 8, System RAM: 16332 MB, Pagefile: 20172 MB 20
  6. Hi , have a issue with my Corsair k70 RGB, Recently I've been unable to launch weapons in missions, but in training missions I can. I've changed the keystroke to landing gear but that doesn't work either, keyboard works fine everywhere else F1,f2 etc keys work to change views. All buttons work in the configaration menu but not in the game, can't drop landing gear etc... Any ideas Thanks in advance DD
  7. falklands would be brill
  8. Can anyone explain what the simulation render does as it spikes and frame rate plumets? see video link if embeded dont work
  9. I've tried this and cant replicate, what graphics settings you using?
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