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  1. Hi friends, I have 5 AI Planes each in 1 seperate group. The first 1 is told to be the "leader" so the 4 left are being told to follow him. They all have the same waypoints. Start from parking > fly from WP 1 to 6 and 7 is landing. Everyhting works fine till the last WP which is landing. All planes just circle after another and it takes A REALLY LONG time till the first 1 lands. First I thought it is the defintion (follow till last WP) so I defined > follow till the WP prior the landing. But that doesnt seem to be solution. It seems as if they cant decide which one of them shou
  2. yes absolutely! Unfortunately it seems as if the dead unit is kept somewhere "dead" although it has been respawned as "alive" in a new group. For instance: your plane group "bomber" consists of 4 planes plane1 to 4 If you check for plane 1 being dead > action message , nothing happens (which is ok at this step) If the plane is shot & dead the action triggers and says > message plane dead Now if you respawn the whole group (all planes are shot) with mist (respawngroup('bomber',true) the condition check for dead unit 1 (plane1) still triggers as > message dead although th
  3. @all guys who contributed into MOOSE Thank you for putting all the information together and presenting such a complete environment. It is quite complicated to follow due to the nature of OO but you guys have somehow achieved it to be noob friendly by presenting SO MANY examples to reuse in mission editor. I am really excited to use the framework for my own mission and "try" to learn how things are done the right way. cu in the air ;)
  4. "My guess is that the original units do not disappear from the data tables and since it is a continuous action, it is repeatedly seeing a dead unit. " > seems the horror comes true. If you don't mind my asking, why do you want a message when one plane dies? im working on a ww2 Mission and the message is intended as "one of our Bombers has been shot, enemy gains 5 Points" > increase flag 1 by 5 and so on.. at this Point im really giving up. would be a pitty if i dont find a workaround for that..
  5. i found a workaround with once + on take control + unit is alive + speed > 1
  6. hi doodenkoff, i tried that .. unfortunately it keeps looping. maybe a bug in 2.1? im very dissapointed with how the scripting is working in dcs 2.1. maybe i revert back to the late activation trick. not pretty ... but works
  7. developers fixed that bug today YAYYYY PAI. WW2 big formation. Death of leader will not cause groups to turn around and head to their first waypoint. Added Mission Task to transfer the formation control from dead wing leader to followers.
  8. Hi, hope someone knwos how to handle this: I have a group (plane group) consisting of 4 planes each named plane 1 plane 2 plane 3 plane 4 For each unit I configured > continous action > condition unit dead (plane 1) dead > action = message out (unit dead) My respawn is configured as: > continous action > condition group dead (plane group) > action = if not Group.getByName('plan group') then mist.respawnGroup('plane group', true) end If all planes (the whole group) dies & is respawned it keeps saying (unit dead) each second. I dont get it because ev
  9. Hi friends, is it possible to play a sound to a client and mute all other sounds that "might" be triggered through action > play sound? example: sound is played to a specific player through trigger > actions. If a new sound is played for the entire coalltion while the first sound is being played, the first sound is stopped and instead the second sound is played only. How do you prevent the first sound beeing stopped while its not finished yet? Is there another way instead settings flags etc?!? Seems not to be the best way to me .. :( Any ideas? regards f.
  10. Ok I noticed an unwanted behaviour once one of the AI in a group is shot. The group consists of 4 planes with takeoff, waypoint 1 -3 bombing and landing again. All 4 members have formation = 4 finger close, dont engage, reaction on threat = off, DONT abort mission. If one of the 4 AIs gets shot all 3 or 2 remaining members return and land. The Anti Air is placed right behind the airfield. Is that the reason? Is it possible to force them to continue their mission no matter what? I am using the mission editor with DCS 2.1 on normandy map. Thanks for any comments! regards f.
  11. update 18.06.17 Bombers shot down +5points Bombers landed safely gain you additional points As for now its a "bit" complicated to identify planes / ground units and actually see them. To compensate this and still keep labels deactivated I implemented the following idea: Ground units: Smokes when cities have been captures by ground units (red / blue) Message (with certain city captured) + sound Bombers: one Message + sound half way (with "bombers near city xy") one Message + sound when bombers are actually going to bomb run So hopefully you will always have an idea where Ac
  12. yes absolutey! Ive got the Normandy + Assets pack so everything will be added once released. The only reason I dont have included the B17 is because it has no loadout option. So its not possible to send it for a bombing run. I will wait till thats implemented too. Im pretty curious how the gameserver will perform once arranged. Until then im going for some mission debugging :P .. still a lot left to do :smartass:
  13. test today was "ok" on my 2nd pc but very dissapinting in terms of upload. I ordered a 4core 16gb Windows 2008 gameserver located in Germany / Frankfurt. that should help :)
  14. Hi friends, does the Mission Editor Support a condition like "on Client connect" ? Or has someone a Workaround on how to react to a connecting Player or a Player that chooses a side or a specific Group? The only thing that comes into my mind could be to react to the mission editor group like "check once for speed > 0" Anyone has another suggestion? thanks and regards f.
  15. ok Mission is online on my own rig. whoever likes to test ... you are welcome ;)
  16. wow ... I hope they do something about that. im not going to buy another license just for the multiplayer host. hopefully dcs 2.x maps will be included ... would be a NOGO!!
  17. polished the upcoming / planned implementations. Its no complicated task .. but very time consuming. I hope I can polish the scoring a bit, include the ground units with sounds / messages and setup a host for testing purposes till today early evening. update 16.06.17 ground Units score 5 additional Points for capturing cities ground Units have a set of path / waypoints. captured cities will be indicated with message & sound added (intro Music / ww2 speech :P) unfortunately I have not figured out how to stick that to a function like (on client connect).. Need to dig deeper
  18. Hi friends, is it right now possible to set up a new dcs 2.x account and use it as server on a seperate pc just for hosting purposes? I already tried that and get "as expected" you dont have a terrain. Is there a workaround on how to do this? It should provide my normandy mp mission only .. thats all. thanks and regards f.
  19. First of all be assured you will get better the more you fly a specific plane. Skill (hopefully ) comes with time.. I would suggest to take a plane of your preference and test it out in every situation so you are familiar with its capabilities. How much is needed to turn, when does it stall etc. etc. The rest comes with muscle memory and automatically. I read the following in your initial post "I have X55 setup and perhaps I need to set curves and saturations." I know it is a personal preference but I would NEVER do any curve settings. In DCS its pretty simple, you are going to interfer
  20. @Roblex thats absolutey what I like to work on in the long run. Thanks for your encouragement!
  21. Hi friends, just want to present you a Normandy multiplayer-mission I am currently working on. I think we need more mission maps which tend to bond the players together with "coop" in mind instead of degenerating into another Team Deathmatch. The idea is to fly together with a main mission in mind. No more single flying and asking "where is the enemy? or what am i supposed to do?" But I am aware of the tension that makes DCS so much fun when you are confronted with another player. So my mission will be focussing on "repetitive" mission parameters but consist of inevitable PVP confrontat
  22. Hi Predattak, many thx for your nice tut! Im definitely going to test it! I already knew about editing the lua file but not how to implement it into my "forced labels" multiplayer mission. I am not a big fan of too many customizations so I always aim to keep the game as vanilla as possible. I only use the MIST for scripting AI behaviour, respawn etc. The forced "soft" labels are unfortunately a necessity because DCS visibilty with & above FULLHD is really complicated. I tried most of the time without Labels and the frustation just kept increasing. I never had these problems in IL2 BO
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