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  1. You should post a track because it seems like you are not using it correctly. No problams on my end.
  2. If you are using the Hornet, then ACLS is not implemented. It might work with the Tomcat.
  3. It does not. Read Harker's post above.
  4. You can't really say that. The Aim-120 overhaul started months ago. In it's current state, it is incomplete and that affects the PK of the Aim-120 in DCS world. That will obviously benefit ED's future missile development plans. I'm sure they will move to other missiles in the future once the 120 is complete. Well, since you asked about the cow... ED made a post a while ago about what it takes to create an accurate 3d model of an AI unit, which I suggest you read. It takes more or less half a year of work for them to make one accurate model. It's much easier to make a cow, which is why there's a cow in the game instead of an F-4.
  5. Weapon performance is a core DCS feature, not module specific. The Aim-120 is one of the most commonly used missiles in the game. If it does not perform well, why do you think 99.9999% of the player base does not care?
  6. It's not really a bug. Numbers go from 0 to 9, and not from nothing to 9. Livery makers can disable parts of the in game bort system (which is what you want) when they create their livery. It's done by editing the description.lua file of the livery.
  7. Hi NineLine, do you mind if I add a request to that? Think about it from a SAM/Radar operator's prespective. If the missile is detected in flight, the operator makes the decision to shut down the system if he/she thinks the missile is inbound for the site's position. This is how some IADS scripts work in DCS. Can you please consider changing event_shot or the command Weapon.getTarget(Weapon self) to return the designated target for the HARM (coordinate, or coordinate and the type of radar the HARM is searching for) when launched in all of the RANGE KNOWN modes? This is to help script makers try and adjust their IADS scripts to those modes. Thanks!
  8. It might be a bug, but saying it makes the aircraft useless in A/G is not very accurate..
  9. DTC functionality was never shown in a video. Let's stick to facts here. @VDV We will eventually get it, but it's not exclusive to the Hornet. It's a core feature of the game (mission planner/ DTC)
  10. PM sent. It's a 2003 cruise video, so it falls within the time frame of the plane ED is making. If it's not something that you can use, please let me know what time frame is accaptable for the team, and I will try to find more footage.
  11. Hi Bignewy, and thanks for taking the time. I think there's a misunderstanding between us. TLDR: Gun sight in A/A adjusts max range cue depending on the type of round. I'm asking for the same to happen in A/G. Let me start by saying that at the moment we don't have a fixed range for the gun, as I've shown above. The gun sight in A/A mode displays a different max range based on the type of round used (range isn't fixed). By observing the A/A sight we conclude that using PGU rounds increase the effective range of the gun. All I'm asking is that you apply the same differences to the A/G sight, so that it matches IRL footage more closely. *If you are claiming that the gun has a fixed range no matter the round used, then it should also have a fixed range when using it in A/A mode. Once again- the differences are: The left side of the following picture is a real life HUD footage from early 2000's. Please look at the location of the max range cue vs the one in the game. The pilot has the in-range cue shown at 2,200 feet (ralt), while flying 20 degrees nose down. The slant range in that picture is around 6,400 feet. The pilot is defenitely able to shoot the gun for more than the 5,500 fixed range mark. You can't complete this run in DCS. The PGU-28B is technically a better round, with lower drag, shorter TOF and higher velocity at target compared to the M50 series. This is shown in muliple public sources which I can either link here or PM you.
  12. Just a quick follow up for more pictures. 1. This is a picture made in photoshop, of the air to air gun sights with radar lock, overlayed on top of eachother (made from the pictures I posted above). You can see the differences in the location of the maximum range cue: 2. This is a picture of the A/G gun sight with M50 and PGU selected*. You can see the maximum range cue is in the exact same location, and that the differences that were noticable in A/A mode are nonexistent (this is the bug). I tried to match the strafing run from the VFA-151 Vigilantes cruise video. As you can see, the max range cue is no where near where it is in the real jet (with PGU selected), which makes this run impossible to complete in DCS. *selected = PGU/M50 is selected in the stores page.
  13. Hi Bignewy, you are, in fact, showing the bug. The maximum range cue doesn't move a pixel in both of your pics, and I know that because I overlayed them in PS. It's the range from target that's different (probably a side effect of how those pictures were taken in active pause). This is why you have the in-range cue show up in only one of them. It's also backwards, since M50 has a lower muzzle velocity, it doesn't really make sense that those rounds are in range and the PGU rounds aren't. However, if you compare this to the A/A mode gun sight with a radar lock, you will find out that it's done the correct way: M50: PGU: Both: Both of those pictures were taken with active pause, and my target was moving between frames. Does it matter? no. I'm only talking about the max range indication. The maximum range of the gun doesn't really care how far the target is. It's just an indication of the maximum range. PGU rounds have more range, so the adjustment of the max range cue is correct in that case. I expect the same in A/G mode, as there's no reason for the increased range to be available only when shooting at airborne targets (as was shown in the pictures that you posted, the max range cue is not adjusted when you change the type of ammo). Please take a look and compare the A/G sight to this one, and try to complete the same run in DCS - you will fail. It's impossible, as the max range cue won't adjust (in A/G mode) when you manually change to PGU.
  14. With the recent update, we now have more types of ammunition available for the gun. As many of you know by now, you can select the type of round the gun is using in the stores page (M50 or PGU). In A/A mode, selecting PGU will change the position of the reticle and also move the gun maximum range cue clockwise (which means the shoot cue will be displayed earlier). This is noticable only when you have a radar lock, as you can see in the attached track. In A/G mode, selecting either type of round will only change the position of the reticle, and have no impact on the in-range or soot cue. The fact the reticle is changing the position of the maximum range of the gun only in A/A mode is not correct. As you can see here, the type of round does have an impact on the position of the maximum range cue (the pilot gets the in range cue much further than what's possible in DCS at the moment). It's also worth mentioning that the maximum range cue isn't static in this video, and is slowly moving counterclockwise from 8 to 7 o'clock as the pilot rolls in (unlike in DCS, where it is just fixed at 0.8nm slant range). Gun sight adjustment air to air.trk Gun sight adjustment air to ground.trk
  15. I apologize for bumping this thread, but I thought this was worth a second look now that we got additional types of rounds for the Hornet. In DCS, the In-range cue will pop up once you are 0.8 miles from the target (for all rounds, pgu included). This, however, makes this strafing run impossible in the sim: As you can see, the pilot shoots at the water, and gets the in-range cue earlier than we get it in the sim (at around 1.12 nm slant range or slightly more). Since this video is of a deployment in the early 2000's, I was wondering if we should expect any adjustments to the in-range cue depending on the type of round. -> I'm aware that you have to manually select the round type in the stores page. It affects only the position of the piper and not the in-range cue itself.
  16. If you box timeufc, colon either ZTOD or LTOD and press ENT while the scratchpad is blank, you will reset the time to 0:00:00. This shouldn't happen and ERROR should be displayed instead. reset ztod ltod.trk
  17. It says IFF. You seem to have Seems like one of the mods you are using is messing it up.
  18. From what is currently known to us, they are working on more realistic comms. If I'm not mistaken this was related to a later development phase of their in house VOIP system. Still, I think you are asking for too mucn.
  19. Silver_Dragon, I respect your opinion, however- quoting threads and newsletters does not contribute to this discussion. Let's be factual: this module isn't getting the same ammount of updates as the other flagship modules, and some people might be frustrated about it, that's all.
  20. We all understand that. It's just that the SC wasn't mentioned in the newsletters for a while, and if you add that to the fact that last mini update was over a year ago, you start to realize why people feel upset.
  21. Not at the moment. Every parking spot on the carrier has a path for the AI, which leads to one specific cat (they don't care if it's blocked or not). To successfully prevent AI from taxiing to that cat, you will have to block some of the parking spots.
  22. Members of the same flight (members of the same group in the mission editor), are automatically assigned letters, so you can easilly identify your flight members. However, this is something you currently can't change when the mission is already running, unlike the A10.
  23. It looks like that at first, but it actually isn't the case. Swap his LITENING with ATFLIR, and you will notice the target waypoints (flags) drifting in space, even tnough he placed them on the ground. That's easy to spot if you WPDSG on WP2 in his sequence. The problem he has, is that his waypoints aren't fixed in place. It looks like a bug in the mission itself.
  24. Any news on this? I don't see a reason for this limitation.
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