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  1. BarTzi

    MK.83 AIR

    Yeah, that's what I mean. mk-83air.edm exists in the game files. Just a matter of letting us use it.
  2. BarTzi

    MK.83 AIR

    It already exists in DCS, but we can't use it.
  3. The mission editor and the game itself should support the carrier turning into the wind on it's own via a WP command. It's unrealistic to expect anything like cyclic ops to be a part of this module, so including those features (even though they are not 100% realistic) is a very welcome addition.
  4. Timelines are extremely important in EA, since the dev team can only work on the module for SOME time. The problem is that the module was released without critical features (MP ATC, night wands, just to name a few) - and the only information we got, well, to be honest- was on things none of us asked for.
  5. That's not accurate and I'm not sure why this is still a thing. Available documentation suggests that undesignating should not wipe out all previously assigned JDAM TOO targets. It's not correct as is. I'm not sure why it's tagged as such.
  6. It does not have anything to do with his problem, however.
  7. Yeah it's a bug. Not sure what happened to my report or why it was moved...
  8. It's not how it is supposed to work. It currently will work only if you name your livery folder 'default', unlike any other module in DCS at the moment.
  9. You should post a track because it seems like you are not using it correctly. No problams on my end.
  10. If you are using the Hornet, then ACLS is not implemented. It might work with the Tomcat.
  11. It does not. Read Harker's post above.
  12. You can't really say that. The Aim-120 overhaul started months ago. In it's current state, it is incomplete and that affects the PK of the Aim-120 in DCS world. That will obviously benefit ED's future missile development plans. I'm sure they will move to other missiles in the future once the 120 is complete. Well, since you asked about the cow... ED made a post a while ago about what it takes to create an accurate 3d model of an AI unit, which I suggest you read. It takes more or less half a year of work for them to make one accurate model. It's much easier to make a cow, which is why there's a cow in the game instead of an F-4.
  13. Weapon performance is a core DCS feature, not module specific. The Aim-120 is one of the most commonly used missiles in the game. If it does not perform well, why do you think 99.9999% of the player base does not care?
  14. It's not really a bug. Numbers go from 0 to 9, and not from nothing to 9. Livery makers can disable parts of the in game bort system (which is what you want) when they create their livery. It's done by editing the description.lua file of the livery.
  15. Hi NineLine, do you mind if I add a request to that? Think about it from a SAM/Radar operator's prespective. If the missile is detected in flight, the operator makes the decision to shut down the system if he/she thinks the missile is inbound for the site's position. This is how some IADS scripts work in DCS. Can you please consider changing event_shot or the command Weapon.getTarget(Weapon self) to return the designated target for the HARM (coordinate, or coordinate and the type of radar the HARM is searching for) when launched in all of the RANGE KNOWN modes? This is to help script makers try and adjust their IADS scripts to those modes. Thanks!
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