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  1. Any idea how long these take? Preordered 5 weeks ago
  2. i have been experiencing this issue as well, mostly on the Syria map, but infrequently on PG and Caucus during long sessions. On Syria, I've found if I don't change views or die, I'm fine. System specs: i7 8700 @ 4.8, 2080TI, Reverb G2, 32Gb ram
  3. bumping this topic I'd like a pair of these
  4. I just pulled the trigger on the Brunner CLS-E, and I would like to try using the arduino micro to send FFB effects. @Chuls, other than the arduino, are their any other cables or connecters needed? (i have never used arduino so im very ignorant) Thanks for youre work on this!
  5. Hey, thanks for that [mini 5 pin DIN!].... That helps me get proper searches! I don't want to butcher the one in the WarBRD base; I plan on using that for an F16 grip in the future.
  6. I am in the process adding my Virpil T-50 CM2 to my MSFFB2 base. I purchased a WarBRD base with the stick so i could use the circuit board to run the stick. My problem is finding a cable with the right connector to connect the stick to circuit board... Does anyone know the name of this connector? Or is it possible to purchase one from Virpil? (posted on Virpil forums as well)
  7. hey Dirt, great job! I'm just about ready to do the same thing you've done here; I have the MSFFB2, the Virpil T-50 CM2, Debolitis' shapeways adapters. -I still need the 5-pin wire, and I want to do the resistor mod. Does the resistor mod require a better power supply? Also now I think I'm going to go with one of Leo's boards... Is that fairly simple or does it require a ton of soldering? (I'm pretty handy with an iron, but any feedback you have would be appreciated!)
  8. Turn on NVG mode switch, it's outboard on the right console Then turn brightness knob way down on the IFIE panel
  9. The new afterburner effect pairs great with the buttkicker or seat shaker. AB on is now felt more than heard!
  10. This is happening to me; I'm running a Samsung O+ It is Mixed Reality Portal doing it. I can't help any more than that, don't know why or when it may be turned off.
  11. Thanks for this! Going to learn the Tomcat and Sabre, this will help!
  12. What is your DCS VR pixel density set to? I think you're settings are looking pretty close to mine; I do turn off cockpit global illumination, as well as civ traffic.
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