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  1. Thanks Bunny Clark. I'll try to engage the F-5s while on takeoff next time...that way I have a fair chance... LOL. And then I hope I can deal with what will come thereafter.
  2. Love this campaign but I need some advice for how to get through M11. I have no problem destroying the SA-6 radar, either the HARM does the job or the CBUs. But I have big trouble fighting the enemy fighters that party seem to pop up 5nm from me out of nowhere. The main problem really is that I cannot spot the enemies visually or at least not fast enough. Even though I get a spike on my RWR (and that replicated on the JHMCS which is a huge help generally) and try to start my visual scan from there, at this point they are usually already pointing their tiny noses in my direction (the F-5 that is) and I get heaters lobbed my way. I mean, I am absolutely conscious of the fact that I am really not the greatest dogfighter, but I usually get the stuff done after a couple of tries. But I can‘t progress from M11 onwards... Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the update and your continued support!
  4. Awesome, I enjoy this campaign very much! What I love the most? -the rather realistic scenario -well built missions, immersive, challenging at times but very enjoyable -good briefing material -placement of SAMs at real-world locations -continued and tireless support including updates -voiceovers ...that‘s quite the pedigree for an outstanding DCS campaign! Thanks for your great work, Bunny Clark.
  5. Again, many thanks. You are making valid points and I‘m sure I‘d love the map. I guess at this point it is more a „when“ rather than an „if“ I will purchase it-question. Even if it won‘t run too well on my Hornet in a demanding mission, I will take out the Gazelle and just enjoy the scenery in some low level hops.This business is so small that I am usually inclined to rather purchase modules/campaigns/terrains than not, even if it may not be a piece I expect to heavily employ. As long as I see a little bit of value or frankly fun in something or my learning curves become too flat with other modules I want to support the ED and the 3rd party devs. That is, of course, as far as my financial situation allows it. Editorial note: feel free to replace ‚financial situation‘ by ‚wife‘... Happy flying Ziptie! Cheers, Hog No32
  6. Thanks Ziptie for your extensive response. Yes, I use a 2-monitor setup with a combined resolution of 3360x1440. I am sure VR would kill my rig...:-) Re the second point, I think I could have explained this better: What I want the carrier to be is as far AWAY from the shore as possible. I think that is more realistic and I do like longer missions. From what I could guesstimate based on screenshots of the current state of the map is that its western boundary is max 80-90nm from the Israeli/Lebanese/Syrian shore. I don’t think that a carrier group would want to be so close to Indian country and potentially within range of land-based anti-ship missiles. So I am looking forward to „more water“ in the west of the map to place the carrier there Cheers
  7. Thanks LooseSeal for that input. I am as well on the verge of buying Syria but I hestitate mostly because of performance concerns. I have a really old rig (i7 870, 2.93GHz) which has seen only little upgrades over the years (16GB DDR3-1333, SSD and a Gainward GTX 680 with 2GB). It runs ok on PG, Caucasus and NTTR with modest settings. But I fear with all the eye-candy of the Syrian map it will be underperforming significantly... 2nd point for me is I will definitely wait until the expansion with Cyprus comes out. Not because of Cyprus itself but because it will allow me to place a Supercarrier at a more reasonable (i.e. realistic) distance from the shore. Since SC came out I rarely operate my Hornet out of land bases...
  8. Totally unrealistic! I can confirm that in the REAL ME the icon doesn‘t look that way! Huge immersion breaker, akhope we‘ll get a hotfix soon... Lol, just kidding. And absolutely no offense, Tholozor. Everybody knows you are an outstanding contributor to our community for sure. And I’ve noticed the icon issue too and do appreciate if the team will fix this eventually.
  9. I guess the answer is: Not at all. The (night) lighting is part of the scenery and cannot be switched on or off, neither generally nor locally on any given map. It is simply „controlled“ by the time of day. I like the idea though. It would be extremely cool if the city lighting could also be linked to the damage status of nearby power stations or even powerlines! My workaround: When I go on a big night strike I always imagine it to be night 1 of the conflict, Task Force Normandy did its job and the enemy doesn‘t expect me coming. Baghdad was still fully lit when the first 2000-pounders came down in January 1991
  10. Actually the same behavior can be observed even WHEN using TrackIR :smilewink: When I have to look at an object that is exactly on my 9 o‘clock with TrackIR, I don‘t turn my head so much that I have the 9 o‘clock position in the center of my view because my eyes will already have moved to the left edge of the screen. The center of my FOV is probably at the 10 or 10.30. The same happens when I look inside for a switch deep down in the cockpit.
  11. Ok, looked at RedKite‘s tutorial now again (...excellent as usual) and now I see what I got wrong: I had the HMD as SOI but the cue was apparentyl uncaged already. So it is that the CUE or CURSOR is off the HMD FOV, not the ground object. My misconception was basically crosshairs equals cursor, not understanding that these are two independent things... music_whistling:
  12. Thanks, Ziptie. I get what you are saying. But unfortunately I still don’t see how a point on the ground at which my HMD crosshair is displayed over cannot accurately be designated as SPI „because it is outside of the HMD FOV“?? How on earth can something be under the crosshair but outside of the HMDs FOV at the same time? If it would be outside, how comes I have a crosshair displayed over it?? I must be getting something completely wrong here, hope someone is able to lend me a hand. Thanks.
  13. I struggle to understand what the HMCS „screen“ (video lingo) or FOV actually represents. I mean it isn‘t a sensor itself that looks outside like a TGP but rather a system that just senses the position and orientation of the Helmet relative to the cockpit. I understand that when something is outside of my HUD FOV it is simply not within the area that I can visually identify as my HUD FoV (simply speaking, it is outside of „where I can see symbols“ on the HUD or „where the HUD is unable to display something“). But given that the HMCS symbolgy can be fully seen wherever you look, how do I know I am looking „outside of its FOV“ and so I know when I can make a SPI or not? Thanks.
  14. As Tholozor said, a GBU-31 is not a glide bomb as it has no surfaces that generate lift unlike a JSOW for example. The strakes mounted on its body barely generate lift but help the overall stability. So the updated range is probably more accurate.
  15. just click the link...you will end up on a Google-download site :) I don‘t have a Facebook account but it worked fine.
  16. Hornet. Simply because she has been my favorite jet since I saw her first about 30 years ago. First love - true love forever. (I sometimes feel really sorry for the Hog in my hangar which served me so faithfully before the Hornet came out...but I pay homage to her through my forum name :smilewink: )
  17. Legacy Hornet? Classic Hornet? Yet, a considerable fleet of USMC Cs and Ds will see some upgrades...and rather substantial ones (AESA radar)! I‘m so happy my favorite fighter for the last 30 years will get even more love :thumbup: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/36435/the-plan-for-making-aging-marine-corps-hornets-deadlier-than-ever-for-a-final-decade-of-service
  18. I tend to activate NWS as late as possible, just when the rudders become ineffective due to too slow airspeed over them. Somewhere around 80 kts or less. That helps me a lot to keep it straight. I also have bound both left and right wheelbrake to the same pedal to avoid inadvertent differential braking. In fact I don‘t know when you need differential braking in that jet, so Imdon‘t miss it :smilewink:
  19. I couldn‘t agree more with what you just said! Well put, Adam, we are in the same boat here. I believe everybody who has used the mission editor for a while and played some of BD’s other campaigns knows that BD is a master of it, probably second to none. Yet, with 15 missions and all the tricks BD had to come up with to have a somewhat predictable and consistent AI behavior, there is simply NO WAY a human being could do this COMPLETELY bug free in the first run. Add to that the constant updates ED is doing to the AI logic and ME (often unbeknownst to mission designers...) plus the updates to the aircraft itself like the INS alignment changes that came out at the same time as the campaign. With all thtat in mind, BD and the team did an outstanding job. I realize this was probably more for the review thread than this one...Sorry:smilewink: I will write a more complete review there once I‘ve completed the campaign (my 2.5 year old doesn‘t allow me lots of flying time recently...:) )
  20. Hi BD, finally made it to M8. I used the updated version you kindly provided recently. All went fine, but when I got told to RTB and opted to get a drink on my way home I had an issue at the tanker. Knowing early in the mission that there would be a tanker around I wasn't as conservative with my fuel as I usually am (should say: have to be in the Hornet). So by the time I RTB'ed I am somewhere around 3.0. Once I turned towards the tanker and lock him on my radar, I noticed that we are on the same heading so I have a very low closure rate. Becoming afraid I would by dry before getting to the tanker I called them from about 30 miles out on Yellow 1. Tanker responded normally. (Normally I don't contact the tanker until I am on its left wing but I have noticed over the years that sometimes if you call the tanker early they will immediately change their course and begin to orbit or turn around on their racetrack pattern. Anyway, all normal up to here.) Once I got closer to it there was the pop-up message telling me to refuel first and then to tell Olive to take her turn. The message ended by saying "Press SPACE to remove this message". This is what I did, I hit SPACE and it removed the message. However, and I think here is the bug, it seems that hitting SPACE did do a bit more than just removing the message: Shortly after hitting SPACE I am in pre-contact position behind the basket and I tell the tanker so via the default radio command. But now Texaco tells me: "Chicks in trail, 1 mile". I wonder who else just came around the corner and began searching the airspace. I then noticed Olive was no longer on my left wing but had detached to get into position behind the basket! Yeah, truly a chick in trail!:doh: I checked the F10 menu which still contained the option to tell Olive that my refueling was complete, despite her acting as if I had told her that it was. I acknowledge that this would all not have been an issue would I have just saved a bit more gas earlier. I could have just waited until Olive completed her turn and then try it again. However, just by the time Olive connected my engines starved and I became a pretty heavy glider heading for the warm gulf waters...:( Anyway, maybe you can have a look at these triggers there. I am aware it may just be another DCS tanker issue which I know there are few of out there. Thanks!
  21. Now that is quite interesting! Thanks for the detailed info, G B.
  22. Concur. The list already exists in the campaign user guide, LADDER just needs to be added in there. I‘m sure BD will do it when time and priorities will allow it.
  23. Thanks BD. So in the linked user file there are only updates to M8 but none of the other changes that were mentioned in the DCS OB changelog, correct? The reason I am asking is that I am currently on M3 and with the limited time I currently can spare for flying, it will probably take me a month or longer until I reach mission 8...:cry: So it seems I can perfectly wait for the next Ob update to get these fixes (and all the other ones), right?
  24. Same in mission 3 (post todays update).
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